Explore The Guide About Credit Card Loans, Eligibility, and Required Documents

Access to a credit card loan is only one of the numerous advantages of having a credit card. Generally speaking, a credit card has a monthly credit limit that is pre-arranged and pre-approved.

However, many banks allow you to apply for loans against your credit card in case you need money. Similar to a personal loan, a credit card loan provides quick cash flow without requiring a lot of paperwork. 

This kind of loan only requires a little paperwork to be eligible, unlike regular personal loans. In essence, credit cardholders may easily get an unsecured loan, similar to same-day cash loans.

People with unexpected or urgent financial requirements could benefit from this option, particularly if their credit card’s cash withdrawal limit is exceeded. A credit card loan usually has cheaper interest rates and is disbursed quickly, usually without requiring a lot of paperwork, than cash withdrawals. Usually, the loan money is sent straight into your bank account. 

Advantages Of Choosing a Loan Against Your Credit Card

Fast Approval And Payment:

Because of this, loans may be approved and disbursed quickly without requiring a lot of documentation.

Facility For Direct Transfer:

Easy access to borrowed money is provided by the ability for money to be moved straight to your bank account.

Minimum Interest Rates:

Because of the favourable interest rates offered, these loans are an affordable form of funding.

Quick Access To Money:

Upon request, instantly access the loan amount, guaranteeing timely financial support.

Easy Application Procedure:

Simple online or phone applications are available for applying for these loans.

Adaptable Access

The process is more convenient because you may apply for the loan at any time and from any location.

Low Processing Fees:

The low processing fees associated with these loans make up the total savings.

Easy Installment Payments Each Month:

The loan can be repaid in handy monthly installments that are automatically charged to your credit card.

Extended Repayment Period:

These loans usually have payback terms of up to 24 months, or two years, which gives borrowers plenty of time to pay them back.

Eligibility For Credit Card Loans:

Most credit card loans are unsecured, which means they do not demand collateral. Because of this, a small percentage of cardholders are usually eligible for these loans. Issuers set strict qualifying requirements before credit card loans are approved. Cardholders must have a solid credit history, a regular track record of purchases, and timely repayments to be eligible.

Documentation Process For Obtaining A Loan Against A Credit Card:

When asking for a loan against a credit card, often no documentation is required. The required paperwork should have been sent in with your credit card application because you already have one. Having a credit card facilitates the process of obtaining a credit card loan since it shows your bank that you are a dependable customer.

However, the following documents are required when applying for a credit card:

  • Proof of Address
  • Identity Proof
  • Recent Passport-Size Photographs
  • Last Three Months’ Salary Slips (for Salaried Employees)
  • Copy of Office ID Card (for Salaried Employees)
  • Attested Copy of the Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) (for Self-Employed Applicants)
  • Copy of PAN Card (for Self-Employed Applicants)

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