Facing Mobile Network Problem? Fix it in 5 Simple Ways

The arrival of the 5G network in India sounded very tempting and some are even enjoying it in real-time. But the majority of the population is still facing a lot of problems with the current situation of carrier networks in India, including metro cities. The network is slow and unstable throughout the country. So, if you are facing some network issue on your mobile device then these below mentioned tips are for you.

Facing Mobile Network Problem

Here are the 5 Simple Ways to Fix Your Mobile Network Problem

Airplane Mode

In case you have noticed your mobile is not receiving signal for one of its sim cards, or the network is unstable, then you can take the help of airplane mode to refresh the connectivity. Just turn on airplane mode for a few minutes and then turn it off again. Turning it on will temporarily block the phone from receiving signals and restore the signals with strong connectivity afterwards.

Insert SIM Cards Again

Second option is to take all the sim cards out and re-insert them after a few minutes. This technique works all the time to boost the signals.

Switch Networks

If you have two sim cards from separate mobile companies then you can switch between the networks to refresh the signals.

Check Mobile Data Limit

“At times when you use so much mobile data, the daily limit generally gets exhausted and it results in the mobile data not functioning well. In that case, the service providers send a text alert when your mobile data limit for the day is about to end or has ended. You need to keep an eye for such messages and choose a plan that suits your needs the best,” mentioned

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Update Your Phone

“Phone users generally skip software updates, thinking that it is not needed. Even though every software update is not needed for your phone, yet some updates are essential. If your phone’s mobile data isn’t working and you haven’t updated your phone for a long time, there’s a good chance that you missed out on an important update that boosts connectivity.”

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