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Just Some Videos Of Adorable Pandas Doing What They Do Best – Enjoy Life As It Happens

If you have never interacted with the chubby, adorable, black and white creatures that the pandas are, then you are really missing something in life. Literally, pandas make the world a better place by literally doing nothing special. They just sit by and enjoy life and make us wonder why can’t we?

Well, I hope I were a panda but the only similarity I share with pandas is feeling lazy and sleeping it off. Ahh!! nevermind, for now, wish me luck for the next life and enjoy these adorable videos of panda enjoy life as it happens. And and, also find some panda facts hidden in the article.



A day of a panda consists of 14 hours of eating and using the rest of the time to sleep.




Ans adult panda can eat as much as 12-38 kilos of bamboo every day and poop as much as 28 kilos every day.


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Pandas are usually born in August and are pink in colour when they are born. Later they turn black and white or brown.



Unlike most other bears, pandas do not hibernate during winter. In winter, they head lower down mountains for warmer weather.



Most of the panda in the world are found in areas of China’s Tibetan foothills.


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