Facts: Citizenship (Amendment) Bill Isn’t Unconstitutional Or Against Equality. We Have The Proofs

Before the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill faces the scrutiny of Rajya Sabha, it’s necessary to understand why people or “politicians” or “scholars” are criticising it. And for the same purpose here is the fact check of the bill that every Indian deserves right now.

1. They say Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is unconstitutional. Kon hai ye log?

Scholars, politicians and even educators say that Citizenship (Amendment) Bill hampers the secular tag of India. Is it so? No.

Citizenship (Amendment) Bill seeks to allow citizenship to no-Muslims refugees from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan because they are killed and deprived of basic “human rights” there.

It has nothing to do with the rights of people in India and thus nothing to do with the equality of Indians.

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2. CAB is against Muslims. Bullshit.

Muslims in the aforementioned Islamic countries are not seeking Indian citizenship. And for the fact, not being persecuted like Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians are in the Islamic countries.

So who needs the bill the most? Minorities in Islamic countries. So where’s the injustice against Muslims?

Moreover, will the Indian Muslims be deprived of their rights after the bill is passed? Hell no. It won’t make any difference in their life. Not against Muslims.

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3. CAB favours Hindus. That’s all folks.

CAB is not for Indian Muslims. CAB is not for Indian Hindus.

CAB is for the people who are being killed in the Islamic countries. How much inhuman one could be to oppose something that would save the lives of thousands?

Think as a human. Don’t spill out words that these politicians put in your mouth and heads.

4. Northeast India’s protest against CAB is valid. Yes.

Yes, Northeast India is protesting and the protest is 100% valid. Northeast Indians are feared that allowing minorities refugges to India will cause problems like lack of jobs changed demographics. Ofc, it will. That’s something that the Government should work on.

Education qualifications of 100s of scholars or educators who have signed a petition against the bill don’t imply that they have to be right. They can also be bisaed. Who knows?

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Let’s for once think practically keeping the facts, figures and history in mind. You will have your answer.

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