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Fake Negative Covid Test Certificates Are Selling At Smaller Prices

A research organisation found that fake negative Covid test and vaccination certificates are now selling at thousand bucks. As per the Check Point Research (CPR) investigation report, several websites of Darknet are offering authentic-looking vaccine certificates at a nominal price.

Source: Check Point Research

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Users simply needed to feed their details and make payment. Once you are done with this, the seller will email you the fake documents.

Fake Reports and Certificates Could Lead to Threat

As per the TNN report, many people from Kerala tried to enter Karnataka with the help of fake Covid-19 certificates. Also, it is said that while raising Covid-19 cases in the country, fake reports could create several challenges. Therefore, it becomes important to take appropriate and effective decisions to avoid such exercises.

Source: The Indian Express

According to the investigation report, the Darknet hovers advertisements for green passports, fake vaccine certificates, and COVID-19 negative test results. In addition to these, Darknet also offers vaccines illegally for people, which has close to 1200 sellers.

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A Quick Look to Covid-19 Cases in India

Now, India is likely to enter the second wave of Coronavirus. The daily rise in Covid-19 infections is increased to 45000+ which are the highest in the last 132 days. Also, the Covid-19 deaths toll reach 1, 60,441 with 275 deaths in past 24 hours.

During all these, the Delhi government is carrying out random testing of coronavirus across Delhi railway stations, bus stations, and airports. The government also announced that random testing will also be held at crowded points in the state. The senior police officers and district magistrates must follow the instructions strictly.

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