This YouTuber Pranking Dogs & Monkeys With Fake Tigers Is The Most Hilarious & Loved Video On The Internet

Animals have a sense of their own and most of the time, it’s stronger than humans, especially when it comes to accessing danger. Using the same biological concept, this YouTuber from Thailand has come up with these viral videos that have become the internet’s favourite time pass.

A YouTube account named ‘Angel Naga’ recently posted two prank videos that have gone viral on the internet. The videos have the human; pranking monkeys and dogs by placing a tiger toy beside them. And obviously, the first reaction of the animals, when they discover the stuffed tiger beside them, is hilarious to watch.

Have a look:

Besides YouTube, the videos are being shared on other social media platforms too and people just can’t get enough of it. In another clip, shared just a day ago, cats, along with dogs, become the target of the prank. Have a look:

People on the internet are really enjoying the prank.

Only if the animals could speak.

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