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Video: Family Gets A Shock As Crocodile Enters Home

What would you do if you find a ‘crocodile’ roaming in hour house all of a sudden? You would scream and run for saving your and your family members lives right? Well, as you are frightened to imagine this a family has, in reality, has faced the situation. The incident has been reported from Uttarakhand.

A 5-foot crocodile recently managed to make its way to a residential area. A video of the reptile who entered the bathroom of a house in the city of Sitarganj panicked the family (whose house it entered) and other members of the society. The family members started shouting in the panic on seeing the crocodile hearing which the neighbors gathered.


The video shows the wild guest resting in the bathroom with buckets around him. The members of the essential area called the forest department after failed efforts to run away the crocodile. The forest department reached the spot to safely remove the reptile and relief the locals.

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The crocodile was left by the forest department in the Surai Forest. It is said that due to heavy rainfall during the monsoon season river and nullahs overflowed causing the movement of crocodile out of his habitat.

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