Farmer Paints Dog To Look Like A Tiger For This Reason

Animals can get notorious at times and monkeys are no exception. Besides scaring us to the core, monkeys are infamous for causing havoc and they, habitually, did the same at a farmer’s field in Karnataka.

Struggling to deal with intense monkey infestations, the owner of the field, farmer Srikant Gowda came up with a brilliant idea.

Gowda in his creative self painted his dog to give him stripes like a tiger, which naturally monkeys will get scared off. In addition to the makeover, the farmer has also put up posters of his dog and that of tigers in the grass to scare away the rogue monkeys.

+10 marks for creativity.

Howvere, using a dog to resemble a tiger isn’t his idea overall.

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Gowda recalls that he learned the idea of using fake tigers to scare away monkeys four years ago when he visited Uttara Kannada. Therein, he bumped into a farmer who was using fake tiger dolls to scare the monkeys.

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Adding his part of creativity to the idea, he painted his dog using paint made of hair dye that he believes would last up to a month before fading.

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