Watch: "Indira (Gandhi) Thok Di" Modi Kya Hai?, Says Farmer Protesting Against Farm Laws - Viral Bake

Farmers, mostly from Punjab, are marching their way into Delhi in protest against the ill-mulled farm bills enacted by the Centre government recently.

However, veiling behind the peaceful protest are some individuals only protesting to satisfy their irritation against the Centre. And one of these men would be this ‘farmer’ who claims that if Sikhs can assassinate Indira Gandhi, then they can assassinate PM Modi too.

Watch the video here:

The video comes amidst the security agencies alert to law enforcement agencies in Delhi to keep strict vigil in the national capital as the banned Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) group in its latest move has given a call to farmers of Punjab and Haryana to raise “Khalistan flags” on November 26 at India Gate here.

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Meanwhile, farmers, as of now, continue to march to Delhi after police recently allowed the farmers to enter the Capital. Over the days, dramatic pictures of the protest have made it to the internet.

All the fuss is around the three farm bills (now laws) that aim to not only give farmers a free hand at selling their produce to private individuals and indulge in inter-state and intra-state trade, but also aims to create areas outside the APMC mandis where farm products can be sold.

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For the unaware, a mandi is an area where farmers bring their produce and sell them at a Minimum Support Price (or higher). The middleman, who purchases these produce from the farmers, then sells the same across businesses.

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The government says that with its new farm laws, it aims to eradicate the middle man and help farmers earn a bigger share of profit by directly introducing them to businesses that would buy directly buy from them.

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