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“Don’t Need Anybody Who Wants To Break India:” Farmers Ask Jamia Students To Leave Protest Site

It all makes sense when you give it a thought why no one cared about farmers when they were protesting in Punjab for the past one and a half months and why only these politicians and so-called student activists turn out ‘to protest’ only when satisfied that cameras would be there in abundance.

Source – BBC

That, to be honest, only means that such people don’t have an opinion of their own and get influenced based on what others say. In Hindi, it’s called bhed chaal mai chalna.

Something similar is happening in India right now.

In the midst of farm protests, different sections of the society are trying to gain something out of it. And the first on the list would surely be politicians.

After Congress used its presence in the state of Punjab to intensify protests against the farm laws, now, Aam Adami Party leader, Arvind Kejriwal, is trying the best to woo the protestors. And we are not the ones saying this. In fact, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh is saying this himself.

Punjab CM, on Kejriwal’s decision to hold a day-long fast to support farmers, has slammed him saying that his concern for the farmers is “blatant lies and brazenly false propaganda”.

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“In fact, the Kejriwal government that was shamelessly notifying one of the “black farm laws” on November 23, at a time when farmers were preparing to march to Delhi to protest these very farm laws. And now they are indulging in theatrics by announcing that they would be sitting on fast in support of the farmers’ hunger strike on Monday,”  Captain Amarinder said in an official release.

Source – Scroll.in

“Do you have no shame? At a time when our farmers are braving the winter cold on the roads outside your city, and many of them are dying fighting for their rights, all you can think of is how to make the most of the opportunity to promote your political interests,” he added.

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The next group of people using protest for personal gains would be Khalistanis.

During a protest held in support of farmers in Washington DC recently, members of Khalistani separatists used the opportunity to vandalise the statue of Mahatma Gandhi.

The Indian Embassy condemned the “mischievous act” by hooligans masquerading as protesters.

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“The statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Plaza in front of the Embassy was defaced by Khalistani elements on 12 December 2020. The Embassy strongly condemns this mischievous act by hooligans masquerading as protesters against the universally respected icon of peace and justice,” it said in a statement.

This is not the first time Khalistanis went on to use a protest for personal gains. Earlier, an anti-India Khalistani terrorist, Paramjit Singh Pamma, was seen at a protest site in London.

Pamma, for the unaware, is a wanted terrorist for his association with 2010 blasts in Punjab’s Patiala and Ambala. He is also said to be involved with banned groups like Sikhs for Justice (SJF), which is believed to be funded by the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI.

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The final group on the list would be student activists, waking up literally after two months.

As per a report, on Sunday, a small group of students (mostly women because they get more attention, of course) reached the Ghazipur entry point on the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border to extend support to farmers. However, the farmers at the site immediately asked them to leave saying that they don’t “need anybody who wants to break up India.”

Source – IANS

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Arjun, one of the protesters present on the spot, told IANS: “A few students from Jamia visited the border spot to support the farmers and brought along a ‘daphli’ (tambourine) and a couple of posters in hands. The farmers drove them away. We will fight our own battle. We don’t need anybody who wants to break up India.”

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