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‘Farmers’ Beat Police Like Dogs & When Police Do The Same To Maintain Law It’s Called Govt’s Authoritarianism. Where’s The Logic?

Taking you a tad bit back in time, we would want you to recall Janauray-Feburary 2020 when chaos gripped Delhi amidst the anti-CAA riots. The news all over the place was about Delhi police’s inability to handle the riots besides it being accused of thrashing the protestors even it, for the most part, meant all that the police was trying to do was disperse a crowd that was hurling stones at it.

Anti-CAA Protest/Deccan Herald

Back then, besides Delhi police, the government was hurled with questions by the opposition, human rights commissions, media and world Parliaments. And today, when the same police, that had allowed these so-called farmers to enter Delhi and continue the tractor rally peacefully, was thrashed like dogs, the opposition, the media, the liberals and commissions got no words to say.

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Oh wait!! They do have words until it means spreading fake propaganda to show the government in bad light.

As India’s 72nd Republic day turned dark, the darker were the scenes that spawned out of the havoc caused by the ‘farmers’ in the national capital. The visuals were nothing but painful with the protectors of law being beaten, chased and pelted stones at.

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And all they can do was run to save their life because just like the opposition, the commissions, they too have families to support

Reports have it that as many as 153 policemen have been admitted to the hospital after ‘farmers’ adventure. Sadly, these were the same cops who had arranged ambulances, mechanics, restrooms and many more facilities to ensure the tractor rally goes on smoothly.

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But people, over the years, have developed a penchant to shame India whether it was back when Donald Trump visited Delhi or on a day when the world media again had its eyes on the largest democracy in the world.

Not What Flag, But Why Flag?

The more painful instance is the fact that the people who had supported the farmers’ agitation are coming up with logic that the flag waved at the Red Fort (after removing the country’s flag) was not the Khalistani flag.

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Well, to all such people and for the last time, it’s not about what flag was waved at the Red Fort, it was about why a flag, other than the Tricolour, was waved at the Red Fort?

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It feels proud to be a part of the largest democracy in the world. But people have started taking it for granted, making it a reason to do whatever they please.

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