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Father Goes To School Wearing A Women’s Dress On Mother’s Day

A mother’s love for her child is priceless. But, so is fathers. Right?

Ok, you might be skeptical about the fact that a father is not nearly as dedicated in raising the kid as the mother. You might have thousands of instances to prove that they are not the primary caregivers.

Loving father

That is where this story of a heart touching act by a single father comes in. It is one of the best examples to prove that even fathers have the same dedication towards their kids when the time comes.

And no, this father did not perform any stunt or did something that will make your jaws drop to the floor. He acted out in the most lovable way any father would have and created the top viral news of today. To give you a better idea of what the entire hullabaloo is about, you need to learn a thing or two about the Mother’s Day celebration in Thailand.

The origin of the act

Since the year 1976, Mother’s Day is celebrated in Thailand in honor of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s birthday, the Mother of all Thai people. Seemingly, they do not celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day as the rest of the world. It is celebrated on Aug 12th in Thailand.

Queen Sirikit


Since the kids had lost the mother, the father decided to come up with an idea that allowed his children to feel equal in the school on Mother’s Day and be a part of the fun event.

What were the father thought?

The father couldn’t bear the thought of his sons feeling left out of the games and celebrations which needed a mother to participate with kids. Moreover, it wasn’t good for the psyche of the kids to feel the loss and absence of a mother figure, seeing mothers all around them with their kids.

His heart went out to them. He pondered a lot and came up with this brilliantly heart-warming idea which would solve the problem and make the kids happy too.

Little did he know, just by simply being a loving father to the kids, he will become a viral sensation overnight.

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So, what did he do?

He dressed in a women’s gown – just like their mother would have and went to the school with them. He enthusiastically participated in the games and celebrations and so did his kids.

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Father dressed as mother on mothers day

Unlike other people, who would have held back their love just because they fear the judgemental society, this dedicated single father acted his heart out. His friend recorded the clip where you can see how adorable the little family looks.

Father dressed as mother on mothers day

The father is as comfortable in the dress like the other mothers. His pure devotion and unconditional love for his sons is what makes this story even warmer.

Father dressed as mother on mothers day

The father is as comfortable as the other mothers in dresses around him. And his dedication and love for his son, is what makes this story even warmer.

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Watch the adorable video here:


In conclusion:

Life is all about how you choose to live, and it really doesn’t matter what the society thinks about you. If your heart is open to love and you don’t pull away from what matters to you, you can solve even the biggest problems of your life.

This father single-handedly proved that a father’s love is pure and kind. And also the fact no one can break your spirits if your love is true and unadulterated.

This single father tackled the tricky situation in his children’s life in the best way possible. To make his sons feel equal and loved the same way their mother would have if she was there. Isn’t that sweet? You tell me.

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