Father’s Day 2022 Gift Guide: Get The Best Present For Your Dad

Dad, Papa, Abbu, or Baba, whatever you call him, he is the one who has always got your back. For some, he is the best buddy, secret keeper, and Masterchef and for some, he is a strict man who admires discipline. One thing that’s common among all these dads is the unconditional love they have in their hearts for their children.

Fathers are those unsung heroes who sometimes fail to express their love. For them, it is all about effort. Every father who tries hard to make the world a better place for his children deserves to be celebrated. Father’s day 2022 falls on June 19 and is a perfect day to express your love and respect towards your father.

Celebration sounds great but what about the present? Choosing a suitable present for dads is not an easy task at all. Are you also uncertain about what to give your dad this year? Keep your worries aside because we have got you covered.  

In this article, we have listed ten 10 gift ideas that can help you in making this father’s day extra special for your father.

Ten Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

A Tablet


Make sure that your support system never feels lagged in the digital space. To the dads who love reading, nothing can be a better present than a reading tablet.

A Card Case

A card case

Desi dads always love gifts that are simple yet effective. A card case might be the one. Help your dad in keeping his cards organized.



Might sound boring at first instance, perfume can actually be a great gift. It is easy to choose. What’s better than dad wearing his favorite fragrance.



Next on the list is a wallet. It can be a great gift for the dads who have been using the same outdated,half-ripped wallet for years without caring about it. 

Travel Bags

Travel Bags

Dads barely get themselves a travel bag. This father’s day, bring your dad a stylish travel bag to make his next office trip or casual trip.



Most dads are fond of watches but hardly buy themselves any due to household expenses. Gift your dad his favorite model and tell him how much he matters to you. Fitness bands and smartwatches can also be considered.

Electric Shaver

Electric Shaver

Enhance your father’s shaving experience by giving him an electric shaver. A handy shaver can help your dad get rid of cuts and scratches during shaving.

Blood Pressure Monitor

BP Monitor

None of us can do anything about the bitter truth that dads are getting older with each passing day. One thing we can do is to always help them in taking good care of their health.

Walking Shoes


Want to contribute towards dad’s fitness journey? Gift him a pair of walking shoes, a great option for fitness freak dads.

A Coffee Mug

Coffee Mugs

We all have poured our hearts out in front of our dads during conversations over a cup of coffee or tea. Gift your dad a mug that makes his tea or coffee time memorable.

Choose one that’s most suitable for your superhero!

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