Do You Know The Meaning Of Your Favorite Color?

Have you ever noticed how many white cars are there on the streets? Well, they are fucking everywhere. Do you know why?

Because white color cars are considered the safest. That’s why you might notice most of the cabs and taxis are of white color. No just this, but do you know why we all get attracted to Macdonalds?

It’s not because of their taste, it is because of the color they have used. Apparently red and yellow together considered as the most appealing colors.

I don’t know if you have guessed it by now or not but the color we like, tells a lot about us and our personality. So here is the meaning of your favorite color.

1. Black

meaning of your favourite colour

You are a pretty mysterious person, only because you refuse to share what you feel inside. You strive for power because you like to be in control of your surrounding. Though you love to be artistic and want to paint the world in your way.

2. White

meaning of your favourite colour

My parents wish that my favorite color was white because the people who like white, are pretty organized and they don’t make a mess of their room. They are independent and make a decision on the basis of logic.

3. Grey

meaning of your favourite colour

Grey might seem very boring color but that does not stand true for the people whose favorite color is Grey. People who love grey are pretty cool and they want to maintain peace in society. Also, if you know someone whose favorite color is Grey, means they are more reliable than your 90’s Nokia phone.

4. Red

meaning of your favourite colour

Do you know any gym freak? If yes, then there are 90% chances that they Love the color red. People who love red color are often considered as risk takers. They love action in their life and can’t stay still.

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5. Purple

meaning of your favourite colour

If you love this color than it means you want everything to be perfect. No offense, but perfectionist can be very annoying sometimes. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like people whose favorite color is purple. I absolutely love them, as they are good human beings, who love to help people in need.

6. Pink

meaning of your favourite colour

The most controversial color of this universe. No, pink doesn’t mean you are a woman. It simply means that all you want in your life is love, unconditional love. Apart from that, you care what other people think about you and you want to be accepted by the people for who you are.

7. Orange

meaning of your favourite colour

A complete extrovert. If orange is the color you like, then it means you enjoy to be in a group and socialize. You want yourself to be accepted by society as a part of it (as a part of the group).

8. Blue

meaning of your favourite colour

It is the most common color, not just because it looks good, but because it represents the inner peace. And that what most of us are trying to find. People who like blue, are generous. They think about the needs of other people and like to help them.

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9. Green

meaning of your favourite colour

For you, your reputation is the first priority. You don’t like to do things that might affect your reputation. That’s why, you are the most loyal and often considered as a frank person.

10. Yellow

meaning of your favourite colour

That sounds more like my favorite color, though I don’t really know what’s my favorite color is. People who love yellow are often considered as curious, someone who loves to learn new things and share their knowledge. You might say they are wise people, just like me (wink).

11. Brown

meaning of your favorite color

Pretty basic. People who you see wearing brown a lot or thinks that brown is their favorite color, means they like to live a simple life. They are great friends and don’t care much about materialistic happiness.

In Conclusion:

These are some of the most common colors and their meaning, So, next time whenever you find about the favorite color of your crush, you’ll get the hint of the way they live their life and about their personality.

Now go, ask what’s their favorite color is already!

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