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How Is Your Personal Fear Destroying Your Future?

Do you fear to be a failure? Being judged by others? Losing yourself in other’s expectations?


Everyone has fears. Fears that stop us from reaching our optimal potential. Fears that pull us back and make us a toad sitting in a dirty little pond.

Every problem you encounter in your life is an outcome of some fear that held you back from diving into the oblivion and solves it.

Want to start your own venture, but too scared to fail?

Fear Destroying Future

Want to make amendments with your old friend, but too scared of rejection?

Such a small little four-letter word which is wrecking a havoc on your path to success.

What is Fear? Why is it a dominating factor in our lives?

The word is the same, but how you perceive the meaning behind that word, will make all the difference in your life.

F-E-A-R has two meanings, Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise


Fear is that little voice in your head that tells you that if you try, the chances of failure are way more than the chances of finding success. It is that inertia, which encourages us to not do anything at all. Well, why strive if the chances are too less? Right?

Fear is hard-wired into our fist-sized brains. Everyone has them. For some they become opportunities and for others, they forever remain limitations.

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How is Fear Destroying Your Future?

 “What you are afraid to do is a clear indication of the next thing you need to do” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you are afraid of taking the next step of your life, consider it a sign of doing exactly that to attain your life goals.

Let’s see in what all ways fear is destroying your life:

1. Personal Growth

Fear Destroying Your Future

This is the most tragic destruction fear brings to a person. It means that you have stopped growing. Stopped taking risks. Stopped having goals. And stopped dreaming. This is a major threat to your self-respect and self-esteem.

It also means you have created a cocoon of comfort and you don’t want to get out of it. You need to let go of the fear of the unknown and get out of this comfort zone to attain the highest possibility of your success.

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2. Professional Growth

Fear Destroying Future

Nobody likes someone who thinks they have their life all figured out and they are all done with whatever it is they were meant to do. Fear of rejection makes you pretend you are all sorted and perfect in what you do. You don’t need any improvements.

As human beings, we need to grow with the time and demand of the hour. Your professional growth largely depends upon the improvements you bring in yourself as a potential resource.

3. Relationships and Family Life

Fear Destroying Future

Family or relationships are our backbones. We need to make efforts to keep the ones we love happy. Fear makes you vulnerable, it makes you lose hope, makes you fear their expectations, or let go of the people because you don’t want to make efforts. You want things running themselves, but it rarely happens in real life.

You must have go-getter attitude to make your and your loved ones lives a happier one.

4. Social Growth

Fear Destroying Future

Society as a whole, plays an inordinate part in shaping our lives and helping us reach our highest capacity. Fear of facing people, facing issues, betrayals, judgements, and criticism, can make you loose interest in everything that helps you grow.

Courage and patience, makes you overcome this fear.

5. Learning and Trying Something New

Fear Destroying Future

Like we talked about the cocoon in personal growth section, modern age has a constant demand from you to learn and try new things. Learn and grow. Fear of failing, fear of being laughed upon, or being reproached, can stop you from trying and hampers your growth.

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6. Following Your Heart

Fear Destroying Future

Ever thought of becoming a singer? A world-class speaker and motivator? Or simply a chef?

What made you lose hope in your dream job? It was the fear of not being good enough. Doubt that, is it what you really wanted?

Now, you feel, it’s too late to pursue your dreams, and you sit in the corner and sulk at your life. Had you dared the fear then, or if you do it even now, who knows what you might become?

7. Making Amendments/ Quitting Bad Habits

Fear Destroying Future

Amendments in your toxic habits. Amendments in your relationships, with your friends or acquaintances. And amendments in your wrong approach to life.

These amendments can make you a happier person, but you choose to ignore them and follow your old ways, for fear of loosing respect, getting rejected or feeling helpless if you do it.

Trust me, that is not how it works.


“It is not death a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live” – Markus Aurelius

Everyone has fears, and fears scare us. Make us believe in something that is not real – We are not worth it.

The need is to turn those fears into visions, into opportunities. Because they are nothing but that. And being brave in the face of fears is not the absence of fear but finding a way through fears.

The fears, if not faced and conquered, become our limits.


I am a hip-hop music lover and I am passionate about writing rhymes. I prefer listening to music over movies any day. I do possess expert knowledge on content & influencer marketing and have helped some popular brands. I spend me time with memes (reading and creating both).

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