4 Features To Make Your WhatsApp More Safe, Private

Recently, many media networks informed that after a data breach incident, information of at least 500 Million users was leaked and was up for sale online. The victims of this WhatsApp data breach incident were from 80+ countries.

7 Features To Make Your WhatsApp More Safe

WhatsApp Data Breach

As per a few reports, out of millions of people whose information was leaked during this WhatsApp data breach, the US database is on sale for $7000, Germany for $2,000 and the UK for $2,500.

So, with this incident, now you can understand how lenient it is to not take measures to secure your digital life. Indeed, you can’t escape this type of massive data breach, but you can take measures to make your WhatsApp account more secure and private.

So, below are the mentioned features that WhatsApp has by default, and you can utilise them to avoid potential breaches:

Enabling Two-Step Verification Security

Two-Step Verification is the most secure login method for any application during which a user has to provide two proofs to have authentic access to the application. Enabling this feature is the most intelligent thing you can do to enhance your account safety.

So, you can turn this feature on, which is in-built, by navigating to WhatsApp Settings-> Accounts-> Two-Step Verification-> click on the ‘Enable’ option. After this the app will ask you to make a PIN, so you need to follow the prompts and complete the process.

Re-Check Encryptions For Sensitive Conversations

End-to-end encryption is always activated in WhatsApp by default. But sometimes you need to be more careful while having a privileged, confidential or sensitive conversation with someone.

So, to verify the same you can first go to a conversation window, then tap on the contact’s name, then click on Encryptions and finally it will be revealed if the services are active.

Enable Security Notification

Every time a new device tries to access your chats or contacts a new security code is generated along with a notification which is sent to you whenever the code renews.

So to turn on the notifications you can navigate to WhatsApp-> Settings-> Account-> Security. Then tap on ‘Show security notification’.

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Logout From WhatsApp Web

First, you cannot log in on any laptop or PC device of someone you know. By doing so you are exposing your WhatsApp data to the device owner. Secondly, even if you log in anyway, then don’t forget to log out from the device so that the device user cannot get hold of your chats.

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