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Meet The Female ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Of India

Everyone knows about ‘Sherlock Holmes.’

Be it through Robert Downey Jr. in the movies or Benedict Cumberbatch’s appearance as Sherlock in the series. But one thing is for sure, everyone knows how smart and awesome this epic detective was.

A similar gem was located in India. Meet Rajani Pandit, who is known as the first woman private investigator of India and hails from Maharashtra. And just so you know how awesome she is, she has solved over 80,000 cases.

female Sherlock Holmes of India


Don’t be, because her story is even more shocking and the way she has handled a few cases is nothing less than a movie script. Thanks to the ‘Humans of Bombay’ Facebook page, who shared this mesmerizing story of a teenager, who is now 50 years old and is still solving cases with apt precision.

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What’s the story of Rajni Pandit?

Born in a family with her father working in CID, Rajni always had the zeal towards investigations and crime-solving techniques. During her teenage, when she was in her college, she started working as an office clerk. She never knew that this was the first step that will change the entire course of her life.

One day, a woman who worked in the same office, told her about theft in her house and that she suspected it to be her daughter in law. Naturally, Rajni was curious and offered to investigate the matter. From here on, the Sherlock spirit got sparked within her.

As she was already from a CID background, she knew the art of a thorough investigation. Soon she cracked the case and found out that the thief actually was the woman’s son and not her daughter in law. After this, there was no stopping her. People started contacting her for help and even newspapers and channels approached her.

female Sherlock Holmes of India
Her family didn’t know about it until much later.

Rajni knew that it’s a risky profession, so she kept this to herself for a long time. Later, when her dad found out that she has been solving cases and is owning up to the title of ‘India’s first female investigator’, he reminded her that it’s a dangerous profession and that she needs to be careful.

Nevertheless, he couldn’t be more proud of her. He supported her with the same enthusiasm that she had for her investigating career. With her father’s support, she went on to solve some of the most interesting cases. And just like Sherlock, she too had a case which is embedded deep within her memory.

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Her best case so far

Even though she has solved over 80,000 cases, one case remains to be her favorite as it was the most life-threatening one. During a murder investigation of a father and son, she faced the most crucial challenge of her life. As there were no leads to the murderer, she went undercover as a housemaid and started living with the lady who was suspected of the crime.

She tended to her needs and even took care of the woman when she fell sick. But one day, the ‘click’ sound that came from Rajni’s tape recorder brought everything crumbling down. The suspect started doubting Rajni and refrained her from leaving the house.

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female Sherlock Holmes of India

A few days later, the hitman who had killed the father and son, came over to their house. That’s when Rajni bolted out of the house, after cutting her foot with a knife. She told the woman that she needed a bandage and as it sounded logical, they never bothered to stop her from leaving. Then, she ran down to the nearest STD booth, informed the client and soon the hitman and the suspected woman were under arrest.

She had never faced such a grave life threat under any of her investigation like she did in this one. But hey, she succeeded in putting the criminals behind the bars. And that’s what she loves about her job.

In Conclusion:

This lady ‘Sherlock’ has written two books, won countless awards and been featured by numerous news channels. Only she knows about the exact number of threats that she has received in her private investigating career. But that has certainly not wavered her courage and ability to solve the most difficult cases.

She is a proud, self-made ‘Sherlock Homles’ and we couldn’t be prouder of having her in our country.

Aren’t you?

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