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Here’s How To Find Adulterated Food In Daily Product – A Men’s Guide

Being a man, there are certain responsibilities that you need to take care off. Respecting woman is one of them and cooking food is the other one. In our list of manliness skills that every man should know, we have already cleared that knowing how to cook is one of the essential skill, every man should know.

After all, you can impress your crush with your cooking skills. But wait, don’t rush there is something that you need to learn before becoming a, and that is to spot adulterated food.

With too many people selling the same thing, it is hard to find the best quality and mind it, you can’t cook with finger licking dishes with poor quality ingredients. So, today we are going to teach you how to find adulterated food.

1. Vark

find adulterated food

Sweets covered with the shiny layer of Vark does look pretty fantastic. Though, the only problem is, it is hard to check the quality of the sweet before purchasing it. Don’t worry here is the trick, if the silver shiny foil sticks to your finger, it is not original.

2. Turmeric Root

find adulterated food

If you know how to cook, you must know the benefits of adding turmeric. It’s not just good for the stomach but it also adds colour and taste to your food. You can’t take the risk of buying poor quality roots, it can sabotage your dinner night. The easy way to test its quality is by putting turmeric root on paper and then pour cold water over it. If it leaves colour, it is impure.

3. Milk

find adulterated food

If your coffee tastes different, it might be because your milkman is trying to fool you by giving poor quality milk. To find out if that the case, put a drop of milk on the plane flat surfaced table, if the milk drop imminently starts to flow, then it has water mixed it. Pure milk usually stays at the same place or slowly moves by leaving a white trail behind it.

4. Honey

find adulterated food

Maybe you have added honey to your daily diet because you are trying to lose some of your weight. Don’t worry we are not judging you, we are just want to help you get in shape. But consuming adulterated honey won’t be going to help you. To test if the honey is pure or not, dip a cotton wick or a cotton ball into honey and then try to burn it. If it catches fire, it is pure.

5. Cumin Seed

find adulterated food

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We all know adding cumin seeds to your food will not only help to give it a nice aroma, but also make the dish easily digestible. In our Indian kitchens, it is an essential spice to have. To find out if you own the real golden spice or not, just crush the seeds with your palm. If you find your palm covered in black color, then they contain charcoal.

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6. Coriander Powder

find adulterated food

To become the king of your kitchen, you have to know the difference between a pure powder and mixed adulterated product. A simple way to do that is by pouring a teaspoon of coriander powder in a glass of water, in case you find any sawdust flakes floating on the top, your product is adulterated.

7. Cinnamon Sticks

find adulterated food

You might not need to use this trick very often but it something you have to know. To find is the stick is adulterated or not, pick 2-3 stick and break them with your hands, if it leaves colors on your hands then they are fake. All they have is fake fragrance and some dried off wood from god knows where.

8. Chilli Powder

find adulterated food

As there are a number of different vendors selling their own branded chilli powder, everyone knows not all of them are real. And for the fact, many of them mix colors in their products. Put some chili powder in a glass of water if you see red hues in the solution, that means it is not real.

9 Black Pepper

find adulterated food

During winter seasons, we often add black pepper in our food because of its cold-fighting benefits. It won’t hurt if you know the difference in real and fake. Real black peppers shine and smell like kerosene. Now you know if they look dried like dirt, they aren’t real. You are learning how to find adulterated food, but we are not over yet.

10. Apples

find adulterated food

Often apples are polished with wax to give them shine and make them look attractive. The wax they are polished with is not good for your body, washing them with water won’t work. The only way to know if they are polished or not is by scraping the surface of the apple with a knife, if you see white extract, then they are polished with wax.

11. Sugar

find adulterated food

Sugar cubes are often polished with chalk powder to look bright and attractive. To find what’s real, put some sugar in a glass of water, if sugar cubes directly sink into the water they are unadulterated. But adulterated sugar has chalk powder that’ll make them float on the surface of the water.

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12. Coffee Powder

find adulterated food

If it’s not milk then it can be that the coffee powder itself is adulterated. Often chicory powder is mixed with the coffee powder. Consuming chicory powder can cause diarrhea and stomach disorder. To know if your coffee is unadulterated or not, sour some coffee powder in a clear glass of water. The coffee powder will float on the surface, while chicory powder will sink down to the bottom leaving a brown trail behind it.

In Conclusion:

You might not need to use this piece of information every day but a man have to know everything. Also, your mom, girlfriend already learnt all this, it’s fair if you know it as well.

And if your girlfriend and mother don’t know it already, forward the link to them and spread the knowledge. Let them learn how to find adulterated food.

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