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Why The New “Fire Challenge” Will Make You Question Rationality

You live in the modern world, don’t you?

But, if you look at the latest games and challenges that are literally sucking lives out of the world, you got to question the sanity of this modern approach. Blue Whale game, Momo game, Hot water challenge, Kiki Challange, etc have injured many and consumed several lives so far.

As a matter of fact, there seems to be a constant supply of these savage games that eats a person from the inside out by playing with their psyche. The newest addition to the realm of deadly challenges is the ‘Fire Challenge’.

What is this new challenge all about?

Apparently, just like any other challenge, the person has to complete a task. For the ‘fire challenge’, you need to pour rubbing alcohol on your body and set it on fire. Once you are on fire, you need to rush to the nearest water body to extinguish it before you are fully consumed by it. Sounds straight up crazy, right?

But, teens are totally digging this stunt. And in most of the cases, it ends up as a stunt gone wrong.

The most recent fire challenge 

A 12-year-old teen named Timiyah Landers from Detroit, fell victim to this latest trend.


And it is obvious that it went wrong. According to the reports, Timiyah was at home with her two friends when one of them claimed that she had tried the challenge and had only received minor injuries.

This provoked her to try the challenge for herself.

One step lead to another and she poured rubbing alcohol on her body. As it happens, things took an ugly turn when she lit herself on fire. It is believed that she was already wearing a deodorant which consisted of flammable alcohol. Due to which, the fire escalated at a fast pace before she could do anything to stop it.


Present condition 

The girl suffered from severe second and third-degree burns that covered almost 50 percent of her body. She is currently kept on the ventilator and a feeding tube. She has already undergone surgery and received temporary artificial skin transplant.

According to the doctors, her vitals are good, but it is going to take years before she recovers from this injury. Moreover, she needs to go for multiple surgeries in the future to heal completely.
Her mother says that her little girl looked like a fireball when she was burning from knees up to her hair.

The first Fire challenge

The first known video of fire challenge was uploaded way back in 2012. However, the game caught the attention of the teens in 2014. Since then, there have been several cases where teens end up trying and miserably failing at this stunt. Additionally, most of them end up having severe burn injuries.

Recorded cases so far

Last month, a  12-year-old boy from South Carolina attempted it. He ended up with around 40 percent burns all over his body. He had to be transported to a Georgia hospital by helicopter after attempting the challenge.

It might come as a shock, but this challenge is not exclusively just for teens. In 2014, a mom from North Carolina was arrested and charged with helping her son to perform the “fire challenge.”

Yet another attempt at the fire challenge that took place in 2015, left a Floride teenager severely burnt.

In conclusion:

It is quite evident from the reported cases that the teenagers would end up doing anything outrageous in the name of adventure or dare. But, is there a point to all this? What do they have to prove? Some loose lives, some end up being burnt or injured.

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It is time that we question the sanity of this so-called era, that is modern, but is going completely insane in the name of trends, killer selfies, and these psychotic challenges. These things never existed in the past, then why now? Ever wondered?

Food for thought!

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