Firms In Japan Have Come Up With A Fabric That Can 'Zap' Away Coronavirus If It Comes Close - Viral Bake

Firms In Japan Have Come Up With A Fabric That Can ‘Zap’ Away Coronavirus If It Comes Close

In really a ‘shocking idea’ two firms in Japan claim to have had discovered a fabric that produces a small amount of electricity as one moves and can zap microbes and bacteria coming to its way.

A pair of Japanese firms are touting it for everything from curbing body odour to offering the ideal material for protective gear like face masks.

Source – India Times

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The fabric has been developed by two companies namely Murata Manufacturing and Teijin Frontier. The fabric is called PIECLEX and generates power. Have you seen those mosquito-killing bats? Sounds like something similar with the only difference that the fabric produces very light current.

Source – Arab News

As per the company, the fabric can effectively stop bacteria and viruses from multiplying inside the fabric.
Source – News 18

“It has been effective on 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses we tested, working to curb their proliferation or inactivate them,” a Murata spokeswoman told AFP on Friday.

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The fabric has shown good results when used in bras, sanitary products, sportswear and more. And now, the company is set to test the same against coronavirus to see it it can kill the virus or at least stop it from spreading.

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