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China Germinates First Plants On Moon: Does This Mean We Are Ready To Inhabit Mars In Future?

China has become the first country in the world, to land at the far side of the moon. Not just this, but Chinese scientists are also claiming that they have successfully grown the first plants on moon, during their lunar mission.

China planted seed on the far side of the moon with their Chang’e 4 Moon Lander expedition.

first plants on moon

One of those seeds has now germinated.
first plants on moon
There is no doubt that it has given more reasons to explore the surface of moon.

What was it exactly?

Pictures from outer space were sent back to earth on January 12. It showed that the cotton seed sprouted nine days after the initiation of Chang’e 4 Moon Lander program.

first plants on moon

But with this, China has now become world’s first country to germinate seed on alien soil.

first plants on moon

And indeed, they should be proud of it. Additionally, this has made their will strong to make a lunar base.

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The masterminds behind first plants on moon

first plants on moon

Chongqing University was leading this epic biological project. The payload was carrying cotton, canola, potato, Arabidopsis, yeast, and fruit fly seed. They were exposed under high vacuum, temperature, and strong radiation.

The recorded footage was sent back to the earth, showing that the cotton seed has now germinated in a controlled environment.

See the first plants on moon:

The plant, however, died due to the plummeting temperatures, but it has given the hope that cultivation is possible on alien soil.

Keeping this in mind, China is all set to carry out 4 more missions of the same kind. They are already preparing to launch Chang’e 5 later this year to bring back the results. From these 4 upcoming mission, 2 are assured to land of the far side (south pole) of the moon. And I am so excited about it.

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In Conclusion:

China’s efforts to land on the far side of the moon and being able to germinate the first plant on moon is commendable. It is a big advancement, which is going to help future space explorations. And who knows, it might even end up as a support for future plans of habitation on an alien planet. You never know.

Being able to grow a plant on an alien planet is definitely going to help our astronauts maintain a sustainable life, as they can grow and harvest their food in the controlled environment when they travel to Mars.

And it will open up infinite possibilities for exploring alien life. What do you think?

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