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This January Watch Four Lunar Eclipses At The Same Time During Supermoon 2019

If you are a fan of Twilight, and you see any lunar or another astronomical event, you can say you had a very good start.

With moon passing directly behind Earth, and its shadow covering the entire moon- a super blood wolf eclipse will occur. This first Supermoon of 2019, will be seen right in the first month of this year.

It is named this way because – all the four lunar eclipses- supermoon, blood moon, wolf moon, and a total lunar eclipse combines at the same time during this astronomical event.

Why it is called a blood moon?

supermoon 2019

When the moon passes behind Earth through its shadow during a lunar eclipse, it starts to illuminate with a reddish color hue. When looking from the surface of the earth it does look like a blooded moon.

How big the moon appears as it is called a supermoon?

supermoon 2019

A supermoon occurs when a full moon reaches too close to the Earth in its orbit. On the occurrence of Super blood wolf moon (because the moon is closest to the earth), it looks 14% larger and 30% bigger.

Yes, it will be a huge moon.

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A wolf moon, how?

supermoon 2019

Since thousands of years, this first full moon of January is called the wolf moon. Howling of wolves hunting for food on a chilly winter night gave it this name. Native American tribes tracked the changing season with the help of this lunar event.

Supermoon 2019 will be visible from America, Western Europe, and Africa. It’ll last around 3 hours. The event will start late on Sunday, Jan. 20 and finish early on Monday, Jan. 21.

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In Conclusion:

After January 2019 this event will occur again in May 2021, it’s a long wait. So, go and set the reminder to see the supermoon 2019, the first lunar event of the year.

Because it will literally happen again after ages! 

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