Five Major WhatsApp Updates to Arrive Soon to Enhance User Convenience

WhatsApp team has been busy for several months now, in developing more convenient and featured updates for its users across the globe. The platform has dedicated itself to improving its security and ease of use with every update. Now, WhatsApp has announced a few major updates to arrive soon for all Android and iOS devices.

Five Major WhatsApp Updates to Arrive Soon

Upcoming WhatsApp Updates

Moving ahead, WhatsApp is purportedly developing additional functionalities, including usernames, archive status, and others, to enhance the platform’s interactivity and user-friendliness. Let’s explore the forthcoming WhatsApp features anticipated to be introduced in upcoming updates. Here are them:

Add Usernames

WhatsApp is currently said to be working on an upcoming feature that allows users to add usernames to their accounts. As per the information shared by WaBetaInfo, this username feature is being developed to offer users an alternative to displaying their phone numbers. By utilizing usernames, users will have the choice to conceal their phone numbers and only reveal their usernames to others.

The introduction of this feature by Meta-owned WhatsApp will allow users to communicate with each other using usernames instead of disclosing their phone numbers. This feature will also enhance the security of users’ accounts by providing an additional layer of protection.

It is important to note that this feature is still in the development phase and will be gradually rolled out to more beta testers in a future update. Once available, users will be able to access the username feature through a dedicated section located in the WhatsApp Settings > Profile menu.

Soon Share Screen on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is additionally preparing to incorporate a novel screen-sharing feature, allowing users to share their phone screen while engaged in a video call. This forthcoming feature will empower WhatsApp users to share their screens during video calls by utilizing a designated icon located within the call control view. The functionality will resemble the screen-sharing feature already present in platforms like Google Meet and Zoom. Once activated, all participants in the video call will have the capability to view and record the content being shared by the recipient.

WhatsApp Will Remind You of Passwords

Providing comprehensive updates about WhatsApp, WABetaInfo has additionally disclosed that Meta is planning to introduce a password reminder feature for both Android and iOS users. This feature aims to assist users in verifying the accuracy of their encrypted backup password and allowing them to make necessary changes in case of any mistakes.

Filter Your Draft Messages

In the latest update, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature called “Language” in the application settings. This feature allows users to modify the language of the app, regardless of their system language. While currently accessible to a limited number of users, it is anticipated that this feature will be gradually released to all users in upcoming app updates.

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Archive Statuses for Business Accounts

WhatsApp is introducing a new feature called “Status Archive” specifically designed for businesses. With this feature, businesses will have the ability to share their previous status updates with their customers. Currently, the feature is being rolled out to beta testers of WhatsApp Business for Android, and it is expected to be made available to all users in future updates.

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