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Flipkart Mulling Netflix, Amazon Like Streaming Service?

Home nurtured e-commerce giant Flipkart, owned by US retail giant Walmart, is susceptibly planning to launch its streaming service to lock horns with others – Netflix and Amazon -in the same niche. Reportedly, the service in its earlier stages – which has been scheduled for a release somewhere in September this year – would only be available for Flipkart Plus members. As per an internal member in the firm, the service is currently under beta testing and is being nourished.



Further, if you mull becoming a Flipkart Plus member for the sole reason of enjoying original shows, then you might have to reconsider the idea. As per the reports, the to be streaming platform, like its rivals, won’t produce originals and would instead stream licensed content. Flipkart will reportedly license content from Walt Disney Co. and home studios like Balaji Telefilms. As of now, there is no information as to when Flipkart will start brewing and offering originals to the users.

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Free Of Cost Flipkart Streaming Service

As mentioned above, the Flipkart streaming service will come free of cost to you if you are a Flipkart Plus member. Interestingly, becoming a Flipkart Plus also doesn’t cost you any money. All you need to do is garner coins you get from shopping with Flipkart. You will need 300 super coins to become a Flipkart Plus member.  Users can also use these coins for items from flight tickets and food delivery to car rentals and music streaming subscriptions.



The launch of Flipkart streaming service will bring in new-competition to the Indian market, which is already a breeding ground for streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon and HotStar. These giants see potential in attaining subscribers from a country-leaning towards the likes of online streaming. For the same reason, Netflix had earlier rolled in cheap subscription plans for the Indian users. And now, Flipkart’s streaming, that is accepted to come along with no price tag intact will only lure the audience to reconsider their choices.

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