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Take The Most Accurate Flower Personality Test, It Reveals A Secret About Your Relationship

A flower personality test is a simple psychological mechanism that is determined by the option you pick from given choices.

This test is going to uncover a secret about your relationships, the type of person you are. Also, it will let you know what are your characteristic traits and what kind of person would you choose when it comes to a relationship.

Pick a flower from the flower personality test

flower personality test

If you choose A

You are not the one who is hungry for love, but you do feel more content when you have someone.

You feel more complete with a partner and love those sweet little things that come with a relationship. You love stability and give 100 % to the relationship. Also, being lonely is something that you hate. You are an outgoing, social and friendly person who will date if the conditions are right.

However, it doesn’t mean that you are unhappy when single. It’s just that you find your own happiness. It’s not that you need to have someone in your life to be happy. You respect yourself and would only date when you think you have found someone special.

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If you choose B

You don’t like dating, love is not the first priority to you. The thought of love rarely crosses your mind.

As you think life is very short and wasting time finding love is not worth it. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want love in your life. You just don’t want to date because all your friends are dating someone. You are trying to find someone real, something worth giving time.

You enjoy your company and don’t need others to feel happy. You’ll only come into a relationship if you think it’s real and you deeply love the other person.

Choice of partner- Someone who goes for option B and C.

If you choose C

You are an independent person, don’t need to rely on others to support to move ahead in life. The lone wolf.

Because of this, you don’t date very often and you might be one happy single friend in your group. People who have chosen flower C appreciate their freedom, which has also make them proficient in decision making. Your independent life has helped you to learn to make a decision alone.

You are the person who is always looking for your “me time.” And the concept of dating is just too hard for you to deal with. But if try and stop thinking too much, you’ll find love and romance and love can be interesting as well.

Choice of partner- Someone who chooses option C (because you want someone who respects you need your “me time”).

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If you choose D

Remember Ted Mosby from HIMYM (How I Meet Your Mother) tv series? Well if you have picked D, you are a hopeless romantic.

You need to get into a relationship, as you are able to work better when you know there is someone with you all the time. Because of your nature, you feel lonely quite often. Your happy image always includes you with your family, friends or your love.

As you feel good when there are people in your life. You are the type of person whose universe revolves around the idea of love. You feel left out easily and feel depressed if you stay single for long. In simple terms, you are more than happy when you are dating.

Choice of partner- Someone who chooses option A and D.

Now you know the kind of person you really are and who will fulfil your love needs. Happy dating!!

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