This ‘Flying Kiss’ Ride In China On Top Of A 3,000 Ft Cliff Is A Marvel Tucked In The Clouds

No safety harness. No seat belt. No seat! But you stand at an elevation from where all you can see is scenic beauty and death (just in case you want to). Oh, don’t be scared anyway, because the ride is completely safe and one of the best you will ever get to hop on to.

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Mulling a to visit a theme park? Why not make it big this time and get tickets to southwestern China’s Chongqing Municipality, coz that’s where this marvel is situated at.  

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The attraction dubbed as Flying Kiss has two might statues of a man and women on top of a 3000 ft cliff. The hands of the statues are tucked with a rotating observation deck from where the world would seem smaller than it actually is.

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The best thing about the ride is the absence of a harness or any kind of safety equipment when you are on the deck. Meaning, you are on your own, but completely safe.

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The ride begins with both of the statues bending down to the ground and picking up passengers from a rooftop platform. Once the passengers are on board, the ride starts while the waist-height railings ensure you are safe even when you roam free on the deck.

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Flying Kiss actually takes inspiration from a Chinese mythical love story that is about two lovers, and during the climax, the pair reaches their highest elevation, i.e., the point where the two statues ‘kiss’.

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