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15 Guys To Follow On Instagram For Fashion And Lifestyle

For me, fashion and style were the two tricky words, that I found hard to understand when I was in school. In fact, until the mid of college life. And all this because Instagram was not there to teach me at that time.

Luckily, now things have changed and for people like me, who don’t know how to look good and what to wear in the next function, there are many fashion influencers offering their knowledge of style over the internet.

To improve your dressing style, all you need to do is follow them on Instagram. So, here’s the list of 15 Guys you should follow on Instagram-

1. Usaamah Siddiqui (@usaamahsiddique)

Mostly, it was my college time, when I regretted not knowing much about fashion. But now, if you are in college, follow this guy and get stylish ideas for your everyday college attire. Also, he did body pose on his profile that might inspire you to stay fit.

2. Jai Gidwani (@cocktailfortwo)

Get comfortable with whatever you wear. You can see @cocktailfortwo profile, that this guy puts on some peculiar colors and strips, but still manages to look good and feel comfortable. Learn his style and be confident in everything that you wear.

3. Riaan J. George (@urbaneyebyrg)

This guy gives you the most chilled out ideas for your clothes, wherever you go. No matter if you need clothes for your work, vacation or casual wear, this guy has got you all covered. Check his Insta posts and get some new trendy ideas on what to wear.

4. Allen Claudius (@bowtiesandbonesblog)

If you are looking for ideas for your new shoes, this guy can help you. Although, stylish sneakers are not the only thing that you are going to see on his profile. Allen can also inspire you with his casual style getup.

5. Jeremy Cabral (@fmwdotcom)

For you freshers out there, who are new to a workplace, you are in for a treat. If you are newly employed and its the first time you are doing a 9 to 6 job, Jeremy can help you with the style. Get ideas on what to wear by simply following him on Instagram.

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6. Purushu Arie (@purushuarie)

This one is not just for the people who are trying to understand style, but also for the people who are learning fashion designing. Purushu Arie and his illustration will definitely help you get some new ideas.

7. Uday Shankar (@bioblad3)

Sneakers, Jackets and comfortable clothing, if you are looking for tips related to any of those, Uday is the guy you should start following right away. He will give you some cool ideas and color combinations.

8. Tajeshwar Sandhoo (@blueberryblackout)

Here, you will get all kind of fashion ideas, whether it be for your Monday office getup, Saturday after party with friends or a family function. Visiting this guy’s profile will help you become the fashion master.

9. Aksheev and Harman (@dappersquare)

Not just style idea’s but also tips, these people will train you how to style yourself. Although, they post their style pictures as well to give you an idea. But, they also offer tips on how to dress and what to pair.

10. Saran Patil (@heisgotthestyle)

He is got the style, this is not just his Insta username but the guy actually got the style. He is a content creator and someone who know how to dress. Follow him if you are looking dress like boss ideas.

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11. Pradeep Bahru (@singhstreetstyle)

He is a Punjabi Munda with stunning beard and suit style ideas. Winter is coming, you better follow him on Instagram. He will help you cover yourself in style.

12. Rahul Khanna (@mrkhanna)

Technically, he is not a fashion blogger but the way he dresses can teach things to many of us. He is a complete gentleman and if you are looking for a way to look the same. Start following this guy.

13. Varun (@beardseyeview)

Everyone might not like his style but I ‘m sure as hell that people will love his beard. His profile is full of pictures wearing all lose fitted clothes and that’s his style. You’ll get the hint of hip-hop from the way he dresses. And, you can also get a glimpse of Drake, because he sure dresses like him.

14. Sarthak Raswant (@plaiditwellstyle)

Food-Style-Luxury, if you want to see all these three things in one place, go and check his profile. He has an impeccable taste in terms of mix and match, and you will get brand new ideas to try on for yourself.

15. Kish (@stylebykish)

With rocking stubble on his face and fancy suits on his body, Kish is a perfect combination of classy and bossy. Learn how to look good and get new ideas to style yourself from his Instagram profile.

In Conclusion:

It’s not hard to learn about fashion and come up with your own new ideas, because the basic principle is to keep experimenting. Sometimes things go wrong, but if it goes right then you have your own new style. And that’s more than enough if you ask me.

BTW, don’t forget to tell us how well you know about fashion!
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