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This Study Conclude That The Food Additives Affect Your Brain And Not Just The Gut Bacteria

We all know that additives that are used in our food to increase its shelf live. But we don’t know that they are also causing harmful effects on our gut bacteria, giving rise to several severe conditions.

Although people are becoming more aware of their physical self, focusing on keeping their body healthy in every way possible. From joining a gym to eating healthy, people are paying more attention to their physical self.

Still, they are neglecting one of the effects of additives. Maybe knowing, that not just your gut bacteria, but these additives also affect your mental health, you will make the right choice.

Yes, additives affect your brain

food additives affect

Nutritionists never promoted these additives, as they always know that these additives do increase the shelf life of food items. But it also alters the texture of food.

The study of food additives affect

Recently in the journal Scientific Reports, a study was published revealing that dietary emulsifiers provoke intestinal inflammation as it also alters the human microbiota composition.

Another previous study was carried out on mice. It concluded that the emulsifiers do alter the microbiome of mice. That also resulted in the low-grade inflammation causing an increased risk of obesity and metabolic dysfunctions.

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Later, the same study was carried out on humans. Results were concluding that food additives affect your gut bacteria. In order to find the complete truth, a group of researchers from Georgia State University in Atlanta reinvestigated the study.

They found out not just gut bacteria but these additives also affect mental health.

How it affects our brain?

food additives affect

Although, there is a huge distance between our gut and brain. But the results of the study says that the inflammation caused by the additives triggers the local immune cells. In turn, they produce molecules that cause harm to the tissues in other places.

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Not just this but there is a direct path that carries information from our gut directly to the brain. These paths (branches) are known as the vagus nerve.

In Conclusion:

If you like to buy packed food in bulk just because they were on sale, now it’s time to re-think your choices. Those packed items that come with food additives are affecting your brain and gut.

Try to minimize your consumption of food items that have additives in it or start using organic food.

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