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Food Habits That Will Lower Cholesterol Levels For Good Health

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that your liver produces when you eat too much animal based products like dairy, meat and eggs. But your liver will produce lower cholesterol if you start eating foods that contain cholesterol. Eating large amount of sugars, trans fat and saturated fats is not good for health.

You need to first understand that all cholesterols are not bad. The good cholesterols are known as high density lipoprotein and bad cholesterols are known as low density lipoprotein. The problem in your body occurs when cholesterol in your body starts oxidizing. Bad cholesterols have tendency to stick to walls of arteries and clog them once oxidized.

So you need to make sure that lipid profile of your body is good and you have lower chances of developing heart problems. We have researched and come up with tips that will help you to lower cholesterol levels.

Eat Foods Rich In Soluble Fiber

Soluble fibers are found in foods like whole grains, legumes, beans, flax seeds and apples. Our digestive system does not contain enzymes to fully dissolve dietary fibres therefore they form a thick bundle. When they down digestive tracts they take away bile with them which is produced by liver by using cholesterol.

Enjoy Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the best ways to lower cholesterol levels. You should eat 3-4 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. They also contain antioxidants that prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol and form plaques in blood vessels.

Cook With Herbs And Spices

Herbs and spices contain antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Ginger and garlic are the most reliable foods if you want to lower cholesterol levels in your body. Add as many herbs and spices to your food and you will get daily dose of antioxidants. You can use both fresh and dried herbs like thyme, oregano, dill, cilantro and sage.

Eat A Variety Of Unsaturated Fats

Unsaturated fats are good for your body as it helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels in body. Some of the natural sources of unsaturated fats are fatty fishes, avocados and nuts. Eat salmon, tuna or sardines at least once in a week and add avocados in your lunch salad to manage cholesterol.

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Avoid Artificial Trans Fat

Trans fats are found in dairy products and red meat but it is also found in processed food products. Artificial trans fats are used by hotels and restaurants to enhance the taste and increase the longevity of foods. You should avoid eating processed food products as they contain artificial trans fat. Trans fat can increase low density lipoproteins level in your body and put your health at risk.

Eat Fewer Added Sugars

Many people forget that its not saturated and trans fats that can raise their cholesterol levels but adding too much sugar is also harmful for your body. You can lower your sugar intake by reading food labels before buying them and add very little sugar in your diet.

Enjoy A Mediterranean Style Diet

Mediterranean diet is loved by health experts because it is rich in unsaturated fats from nuts, olive oil and fish. It is also rich in antioxidants because it includes lots of fresh vegetables. Make sure that you are making your own lunches on Sundays and binge on Mediterranean food as it is also very tasty.

Eat More Soy

Soya beans are rich in isoflavones and protein which have a very strong cholesterol lowering effect on our body. You can lower your bad cholesterol levels and improve your good cholesterol levels by eating soy everyday in form of beans, tofu, milk or nuggets.

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Drink Green Tea

Green tea boosts your metabolism and keeps your body hydrated. Many people have misunderstandings regarding effects of green tea. It is not a super food for weight loss but it helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels in body.

Try Cholesterol Lowering Supplements

Supplements should be your last resort to lower cholesterol. But you need to consult with a doctor if you want to start taking supplements. Do not believe on advertisements that claim to not require supervision of a doctor and always seek medical advice.

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