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Packing Your Food In Plastic Is Harmful. Here’s Why

Do you have any idea that you are surrounded by plastic?

If you just look around, you will understand why I said so. Right from lunch boxes to pens and phone covers to the coke bottle that you buy, everything is plastic. You all know how harmful plastic is, don’t you? But the thing is, the world can’t live without plastic.

Almost every other thing that your touch is made out of plastic. But, you have no idea that it has already started affecting your health. Well, it really has and let me tell you how.

1.  Plastic can come in smallest of forms


I know you are not stupid enough that you would willingly eat a bite of plastic that was wrapped around your food. But you should know that plastic can come in really small sizes. I am talking about the microbeads form which can be as small as 0.2 inches in diameter.

It is used in everyday products like cosmetics and toothpaste. It is even found in water bodies and is commonly known as microplastics.

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2. You can even end up breathing microplastics

plastic is harmful

I am not kidding but you can even end up inhaling it. apart from dust and pollutants, there are also traces of plastic found in the air you breathe. It won’t be long before the plastic traces make their way through your nostrils to your lungs. Any form of plastic is harmful.

Moreover, most of you are already consuming it with the food you eat, so it would just add up to your problems.

3. Contaminated seafood is another issue

plastic is harmful

If you are a seafood lover, you are at a higher risk. Oceans are affected badly with plastics. Already there are huge blocks of plastic mountains floating underwater which is drastically affecting the marine life. And if you end up consuming a fish that had eaten plastic, you too will get equally affected.

Make sure that you clean your seafood with extra precaution if you don’t want trouble.

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4. It can get accumulated in your organs

plastic is harmful

According to research, these microplastics, if consumed can start accumulating in your vital organs, if left unchecked. They can start accumulating in organs such as kidney, liver, and intestines. Eventually, it will lower the functions of those organs and end up bringing your health down.

You would definitely not want that to happen. So, make sure you pack food in glassware because plastic is harmful.

5. Cancer-causing chemicals are found in plastics


A specific chemical that is used to make plastic flexible is known as Phthalates. This chemical, however, is really bad for your health. It is one of those chemicals that helps the production of cancer cells, especially breast cancer.

You should avoid drinking directly from pet plastic bottles and get your own steel sipper instead.

In Conclusion:

I know it sounds like a threat but you can easily keep it at bay by making a few changes. Use steel or glassware whenever you pack something. Also, don’t use plastic for anything. Stick to jute bags or choose brown paper bags for taking groceries. A few changes will keep you safe and by this, you will also help in environment conservation.

You all know that plastic is harmful to this planet and how important is it for everyone to stop using plastic, once and for all.

At least, you can do the bare minimum by not using it for packing your food.

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