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Food Trends 2019 That Are Straight Up Bizarre But Beneficial

With every new year, a new trend swoops in. Be it fashion, health or food.

2018 was all about adventurous veggie and vegan cuisines along with rising craze about local cooking. But as 2018 is about to end, there are new practices in the pipeline that is about to become food trends 2019.

Here are the trends that you will most likely see in 2019-

1. Combination of Ghee and coffee

food trends 2019

I know it might sound weird but that’s that. But it can very possibly become a worldwide food trend because the combination of ghee and coffee is a great source of energy. According to research, this combination helps in maintaining better mental and physical health. Also, it helps better functioning of your digestive system.

And hey, if you wanna shed some pounds, have this for your breakfast. It works great to burn calories as well.

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2. Vitamins and minerals enriched water

food trends 2019

No, I am not talking about orange flavored or apple flavored water. In 2019, the trend of minerals, vitamins, and probiotics infused water will make its way into your lives. Studies say that drinking vitamins infused water is very good for your skin as it has lots of antioxidants.

Coconut water will most likely be replaced by Cactus water as it has fewer calories.

3. Cannabinoid  infused food and beverages

food trends 2019

Oh yeah, this one’s my favorite. Cannabis plants generate CBD extracts which were only used in skin lotions and oils, but next year, it will find its way to food items as well. Not just cookies and brownies but in everyday food items like coffee, yogurts, salad dressing, and even soups.

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And no, you won’t get stoned if you eat them. It will just promote healthy metabolism in you. That’s’ it.

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4. No meat diet

food trends 2019

A vegan diet is something which is already in trend. In the coming days, it will not be about going vegan though. It will just revolve around fresh and healthy veggies with no meat whatsoever. In place of meats, the trend will be to eat protein-rich lentils, soybeans, plants and fibrous veggies.

Say bye bye to chicken and hello to healthy seeds and green leafy vegetables.

5. Fat bombs for a sweet tooth

food trends 2019

If you have a sweet tooth, you are stepping in a good year considering the food trends you will come across. 2019 will be all about eating keto-friendly sweet treats. For those of you who have just begun dieting for weight loss, its a win-win for you. The keto sweet treats will only contain healthy fat and not interfere with your weight loss.

So, don’t worry and please your sweet tooths with these in 2019.

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In Conclusion:

Now that you know all about the food trends 2019, you can easily modify your resolution around them and choose the best one that fits your situation. You can go for a no meat diet if you wanna lose weight and still be trendy and sassy. On the other hand, if you are already on a diet, keto fat bombs will satiate your sweet tooth.

So, go take your pick because food trends 2019 will be all about being healthy and fit. 
And you do wanna stay healthy, don’t you?

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