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6 Foods to Help you with Winter Depression

Winter is a time when we compromise on our sunlight intake, social life, work life and so many more things because it gets too cold outside. We do not meet our friends or plan things outside or even go for exercise. In fact, some people confine themselves to their rooms where they create a warm atmosphere with the help of a room heater.

6 Foods to Help you with Winter Depression

All these things club together to welcome anxiety and depression which is often termed Winter Depression. Winter is the season when you will find a lot of people discovering their anxiety issues. However, there are certain foods that can help you combat depression in winter and I will mention 6 foods to help you with winter depression.

1. Amaranth grain

This grain is associated with increasing your serotonin levels.

2. Rice and Oatmeal

These food items help you normalize your blood sugar levels while balancing your serotonin level.

3. Green Tea

The tea is rich in antioxidant compounds which have antidepressant virtues. It also has essential amino acid which is responsible for reducing stress and preventing depression.

4. Turmeric

The spice is connected to preventing emotional disorders in addition to depression, stress and anxiety.

5. Oranges and Lemons

Vitamin C present in these helps in reducing the high levels of vanadium which is a mineral that has been linked to bipolar depression.

6. Beer

Brewer’s yeast offers medicinal properties including Vitamin B and amino acids that help in stress and depression reduction.


In this article, we learnt about the 6 foods to help you with winter depression. If you are struggling with a bad mental state or know someone who might be in a complicated situation, please try these food items and you might be able to prevent or conquer something great that could come.

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