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Foot Detox Is The New Trend You Need To Follow

Everyone is aware of the term detox. When it comes to getting rid of toxins accumulated by smoking or drinking, pollution or home products and even junk food, people opt for a detox. Mostly it is through detox drinks or a detox diet, but in 2019 there is a new trend taking over all detox forms.

Have you heard of a foot detox? Yes, the latest trend ruling the charts is all about getting a foot detox done.

What is foot detox?

foot detox

The thing is, toxins get accumulated in the body causing various health issues that mainly appear on the skin. There are many ways to get rid of the toxins and apparently feet is the best way out. The reason being, your feet have several nerve endings and sweat glands.

This allows an easy exit of toxins and thereby detoxifies your body with minimal effort. And hence, the trend of foot detox began. What you need to do for a foot detox could be as simple as soaking your feet in hot water. It will not only calm down your body but also reduce swelling and remove metal from your body.

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Detox through feet

There are many other ways to go for a foot detox. You can try to use these 4 ways at home-

1. Epsom salt soak

foot detox

Take half a bucket of hot water and add Epsom salt along with essential oils. Immerse your feet for 15 minutes and dry them. Apply moisturizer evenly and feel the difference in the softness of your feet.

2. Foot mask

foot detox mask

For foot detox, masks can come in real handy. You can apply the mask all over your foot to get rid of fungal infections and also athlete’s foot. Apply the mask on your feet and let it dry for 15 minutes or so.

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3. Foot Scrub

foot detox scrub

In order to remove foot odor and soften your sole, apply scrub on a regular basis. Gently massage the feet and wash off. The scrub allows the sole of your feet to soften and also removes excess metal and toxins from your body.

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4.  Footpads

foot detox pad

Food pads are specifically designed to make your feet sweat and this process also pulls out toxins from your body.

Start foot detox today

The simplest and most hassle-free way to rid your body of toxins is foot detox. You don’t need to drink green tea if you don’t like the taste. Now you can just have a foot detox session and be rest assured that the toxins have been flushed out.

On that note, happy foot detox!

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