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With #FootpathBeku Bengaluru Has Showed Us The New Way To Protest

Protesting has been in our blood. Sometime about rights, sometimes about a reservation and sometimes just because we have nothing better to do.

But the residents of Bengaluru took it to another level when they protested about not having good footpaths to walk on.

What did they do?

Well, for starters, they didn’t have a candle march or hunger-strike. Instead, they chose the most sarcastic way to let the government know that their streets need repair. And the entire credit goes to the members of Malleswaram Social and one mastermind behind the creation of the video #FootpathBeku.

The video opens up showing, two women approaching the street on foot. As soon as they notice debris, garbage, and boulders on the street, they look at each other. The next shot shows them put on their ghoonghroos.

#FootpathBeku footpath awarness

And then they begin performing Bharatanatyam to navigate through the boulders on the footpath.

#FootpathBeku footpath awarness

They jump across construction debris with elegant dance steps.

#FootpathBeku footpath awarness

They even enact comic steps to skip cracks on the footpath.

#FootpathBeku footpath awarness

This hilarious video was posted on online platforms and soon went viral for all the right reasons.

It was clear that though the video #FootpathBeku was shot on a hilarious and comic tone, the message sent across was serious.

The Outcome of the video:

The result was unexpected and almost immediate. As soon as the authorities came across the video, they understood the message. The municipal authorities cleared up the footpath along that segment of 16th Cross Road in Malleswaram where this epic video was shot.

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The people who shot the video had tried to bring this to the attention of authorities. But couldn’t get any solid response. Even the local people, who were majorly suffering because of the bad condition of the street were not too enthusiastic about getting it repaired on their own.

Who was behind this cool idea?

#FootpathBeku footpath awarness

ViralBake Telegram

That’s when the idea of making a comic video crossed the mind of Sriram Aravamudan. (the one in white).

He was the one who organized the screenplay and music for the video after being approached by the members of Malleswaram Social. Together, they decided to bring people’s attention towards this problem through a set of comic videos that showed people crossing obstacles on footpaths by dancing on Bharatnatyam beats.

And as we know it, it went on to become a huge success.

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“I grew up in Malleswaram, and this area is the center of classical dance and music in Bengaluru. No video on Malleswaram would be complete without showcasing these elements. There is junk, boulders, and dancers, so why don’t we make them dance through the difficult terrain. I also have a background in classical music, so I composed the music and sang the vocals,” says Sriram.

Check the full video here:

In Conclusion:

With the massive success of this video and the quick response of authorities in repairing the streets, now they are going to undertake the next phase of their #FootpathBeku campaign. On 2nd December, 30 senior citizens will gather on the footpath along the 15th Cross Road for a short silent walk so that the footpaths there too can be fixed asap.

I hope it works the same as it did for 16th Cross Road in Malleswaram.

BTW, I couldn’t have come up with a better idea to get my street fixed, could you? 

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