30 Forbidden Places in the World: Hidden Gems You Cannot Visit

There are some places in the world that are forbidden that remain unknown and inaccessible to anyone. These are the restricted zones, where no one is permitted to go. They might be undiscovered islands or distant spots that attract the interest of intrepid explorers.

This blog will teach us about the forbidden locations in the world and why they are maintained that way. We’ll investigate the reasons behind their secrecy and seclusion, as well as the stories that make them so interesting. We’ll discover the magic and thrill of these unexplored and most forbidden places in the world or sites, from the top banned places in the world to lesser-known locations.

We’ll have a better knowledge of the significance of these prohibited places as we dig deeper into their mysteries. Below we have mentioned the list of such forbidden places on Earth which are mysterious, dangerous, or preserved. The different places have different reasons to lock up their doors.

Forbidden Places On Earth

Forbidden Places On Earth

1. Coca-Cola Recipe Vault – Secret Vault

Coca-Cola Recipe Vault - Secret Vault -forbidden places on earth

Coca-Cola is a well-known forbidden places to visit in the world. It is a beverage brand that has been around since the 1800s. The beverage brand is well-known across the world, and the formula is one of America’s best-kept secrets. Their secret recipe hides behind the complex vault with a hand scanner, armed guards, and a combination. The Coca-Cola formula is nearly hard to steal. You have a higher probability of changing the recipe. Coca-Cola, being an old firm, undoubtedly has the greatest security in place to protect its private information.

2. Vatican Secret Archives – Historical Enigma

Vatican Secret Archives - Historical Enigma

Due to the delicate and exclusive nature of their contents, the Vatican Secret Archives continue to be a historical mystery and one of the forbidden places around the world. The archives, which hold centuries of papers, letters, and papal records, give material that may challenge popular views or change people’s perceptions of historical events. Restricted access was put in place to safeguard the integrity of these records while avoiding possible harmful discoveries.

3. Mount Everest’s Summit – Earth’s Highest Point

Mount Everest's Summit - Earth's Highest Point -forbidden places on earth

Mount Everest’s top, the highest point on Earth, has been forbidden owing to the enormous dangers it offers. Because of the harsh weather, frigid temperatures, and low oxygen levels, it is a dangerous habitat for humans. Climbers face potentially fatal risks such as altitude sickness, avalanches, and extreme colds. The restricted access protects both explorers and the fragile ecosystem of the mountain.

4. Poveglia Island – Haunting Past

Poveglia Island - Haunting Past -forbidden places on earth

Poveglia Island is a forbidden area in the world. The strange history as a quarantine zone for victims of the plague and then as a mental health centre has resulted in its banned condition. The history of Earth’s prohibited islands has been filled with loss and tragedy, giving rise to reports of ghostly activity. While the truth of these legends is uncertain, the island’s reputation as a haven of grief and misery has made it off-limits to travellers in order to honour those who died there.

5. North Korea’s Closed Cities – Hermit Kingdom’s Enclaves

North Korea's Closed Cities - Hermit Kingdom's Enclaves

Due to the government’s confidentiality, North Korea’s closed cities, often known as “secret cities,” are off-limits to outsiders. These are the most forbidden places on earth enclaves are home to military bases, scientific research institutions, and privileged elites. The restricted cities help North Korean authorities retain control while hiding essential operations from outside scrutiny.

6. Mezhgorye (Russia’s Restricted Town) – Hidden Nuclear Secrets

Mezhgorye (Russia's Restricted Town) - Hidden Nuclear Secrets

Mezhgorye, a restricted Russian arrangement, is said to be linked to the country’s nuclear weapons project. Its isolation and restricted access assist to protect sensitive military and nuclear activities from spy and international scrutiny.

7. Mezhgorye (Russia’s Restricted Town) – Hidden Nuclear Secrets

Tomb of Qin Shi Huang - Emperor's Eternal Guard

To protect its historical and archaeological integrity, the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, China’s first emperor, remains unexplored. The place is the most forbidden places on Earth and is famous for its detailed terracotta army as well as its treasures. Restricted access protects the artefacts and guarantees that future technology can be used to investigate the tomb.

8. Room 39 (North Korea’s Secretive Hub) – Illicit Financial Operations

Room 39 (North Korea's Secretive Hub) - Illicit Financial Operations

Room 39 is a secret North Korean organisation and the most forbidden place on earth that generates foreign cash through illegal means. Access to its activities is restricted, allowing the North Korean regime to keep control over its money streams while avoiding international sanctions.

9. Surtsey Island – Nature’s Uninhabited Laboratory

Surtsey Island - Nature's Uninhabited Laboratory - forbidden places on earth

The restricted state of Surtsey Island serves as a one-of-a-kind experiment in nature’s abandoned development. The island’s isolation caused by a volcanic explosion, allows scientists to monitor how ecosystems grow without human involvement, offering essential insight into biological processes.

10. The Bohemian Grove – Elite Retreat

The Bohemian Grove - Elite Retreat

The Bohemian Grove is a private retreat for the elite and the most forbidden place on earth, where powerful people from many industries can gather in peace. The restricted access maintains confidentiality of discussions and activities that occur within, offering a location for open conversations away from the public eye.

11. Area 51 – Secrets of the Nevada Desert

Area 51 - Secrets of the Nevada Desert -forbidden areas in the world

The restricted access to Area 51 contributed to conspiracy theories and theories regarding its operations. While it is officially recognised as a US military installation, the secrecy surrounding its operations has given rise to a number of rumours including alien research and advanced technological testing. Restricted access assists in the protection of critical military projects and the maintenance of national security.

12. North Sentinel Island – Isolated Tribe’s Homeland

 North Sentinel Island - Isolated Tribe's Homeland

The Sentinelese, an isolated community that has avoided contact with the outside world for thousands of years, live on North Sentinel Island. Restricted access is in place to protect young children from possible infections against which they may not be immune. This policy protects the tribe from exploitation and expansion as well.

13. Svalbard Global Seed Vault – Earth’s Agricultural Insurance

Svalbard Global Seed Vault - Earth's Agricultural Insurance

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is a secure location for a diversified variety of plant seeds from all over the world. Restricted access assures the protection of the seeds in the case of a worldwide crisis, such as hurricanes or agricultural failures, and contributes to the preservation of biodiversity in food crops.

14. Lascaux Caves – Ancient Rock Art Preserved

Lascaux Caves - Ancient Rock Art Preserved -forbidden areas in the world

The Lascaux Caves in France are home to thousands of years of old and exquisite rock art. Restricted access helps preserve these invaluable characterises of past societies by preventing human interaction that may destroy the beautiful artwork.

15. Snake Island – A Venomous Sanctuary

Snake Island - A Venomous Sanctuary

The name Snake Island says it all: it’s an attraction for some of the world’s most poisonous snakes. Restricted access is necessary to safeguard both the island’s delicate environment and any visitors from coming into contact with these dangerous reptiles.

16. Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park – Limestone Forest of Needles

Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park - Limestone Forest of Needles

The exceptional limestone formations of Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park create a landscape of sharp “forest” needles. Restricted access contributes to the conservation of this prone habitat while also protecting tourists from damage in this stunning but dangerous terrain.

17. Heard Island and McDonald Islands – Icy Volcanic Wilderness

Heard Island and McDonald Islands - Icy Volcanic Wilderness - forbidden islands on earth

These isolated subantarctic islands are distinguished by their ice landscapes and volcanic activity. Restricted access protects delicate ecosystems and avoids ecological impact while allowing research in these harsh regions.

18. Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant – Sacred Hidden Artifact

Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant - Sacred Hidden Artifact

Some think the precious treasure referenced in ancient scriptures is housed in the Chapel of the Ark of the Covenant. Restricted access protects the artefact’s religious value and prevents any damage or modification.

19. Ise Grand Shrine – Ancient Shinto Sanctuary

Ise Grand Shrine - Ancient Shinto Sanctuary

In Japan, the Ise Grand Shrine is regarded as one of the most respected Shinto locations. Restricted access protects the spiritual integrity and cultural richness of the site while allowing for traditional religious practices.

20. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center – US Government’s Hidden Base

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center - US Government's Hidden Base

As a backup government command centre, the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Centre is located on top of the mountain. Restricted access protects key infrastructure and guarantees that essential government services may continue even during natural disasters.

21. Diego Garcia – Military Base

Diego Garcia - Military Base

The military base on Diego Garcia is an important outpost. Restricted access ensures that safety and national security objectives are maintained while controlling who accesses the site.

22. Javari Reserve – Rainforest Reserve

Javari Reserve - Rainforest Reserve

Numerous indigenous groups live in Brazil’s Javari Reserve. Restricted access in this place is to safeguard their way of life and to keep others out of their ancestral land.

23. Chernobyl Exclusion Zone – Nuclear Zone

Chernobyl Exclusion Zone - Nuclear Zone

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone restricts entry to the nuclear disaster location. This is done to safeguard human health from ongoing radiation while also allowing the ecosystem to recover naturally.

24. Bohemian Club’s “Grove at Bohemian Grove” – Secret Campground

Bohemian Club's "Grove at Bohemian Grove" - Secret Campground

The “Grove at Bohemian Grove” is a Bohemian Club-exclusive campsite. Restricted access protects club members’ privacy and preserves the exclusivity of their events.

25. Pine Gap – Intelligence Facility

Pine Gap - Intelligence Facility - forbidden places to visit in the world

Pine Gap is an Australian strategic intelligence place. Restricted access protects critical intelligence activities and multinational collaborations.

26. Dulce Base – Underground Base

 Dulce Base - Underground Base

The suspected Dulce Base is supposed to be an underground comprehensive associated with conspiracy theories. To safeguard classified activity, restricted access (if it exists) would be implemented.

27. Club 33 (Disneyland) – Exclusive Club

Club 33 (Disneyland) - Exclusive Club

Club 33 at Disneyland provides members with a special experience. Restricted entry preserves the club’s exclusivity and one-of-a-kind vibe. 

28. Woomera Prohibited Area – Military Range

Woomera Prohibited Area - Military Range - forbidden places on earth

In Australia, the Woomera Prohibited Area serves for military experimentation and training. Restricted access safeguards sensitive military technologies and preserves public safety during testing.

29. The Marianas Trench – Ocean Trench

The Marianas Trench - Ocean Trench

The Marianas Trench’s great depths create huge exploratory problems. Access is restricted owing to technological limits and hazards connected with deep-sea exploration.

30. Metro-2 (Moscow’s Secret Underground) – Subterranean Mystery

Metro-2 (Moscow's Secret Underground) - Subterranean Mystery - Hidden places in the world

Metro-2 is a reported hidden underground network that exists beneath Moscow’s busy streets. Its existence and function are unknown, however, it is said to have been created for the exclusive use of high-ranking Soviet officials. Restricted access to Metro-2 protects its secrets while also minimising harm to the city’s infrastructure.

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