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Has The Secret Behind Anil Kapoor Been Decoded? We Might Know What’s Keeping Him Forever Young

Just like a good bottle of wine, aging looks good on Anil Kapoor.

Some are calling him an immortal while others are suspecting that Anil Kapoor is a Vampire. No one knows the reason why Anil Kapoor looks like a 20 something man even in his 60’s.

There are already a number of actors and actresses in Hollywood who look forever young. Brad Pitt (54), Jim Parsons (44), Jennifer Aniston (49) and Victoria Beckham (43) are just a few of them. But in Bollywood, the title has been given to Anil Kapoor. With his latest Instagram post, Anil Kapoor has left the netzines wondering, ‘How does he still look so young?’

What was in that picture?

forever young anil kapoor

Recently, Anil Kapoor posted a picture on his Instagram with Kunal Kemmu, Disha Patani, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Mohit Suri. Although the post was meant to announce the news of all of these actors working for an upcoming movie Malang, it went viral for other reason.

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The entire internet is only talking about forever young Anil Kapoor as he looking youngest among all the other young celebrities. Rocking his pink sports shoes, the actor does look younger than the star cast of his upcoming film Malang.

His super positive nature and dire love for fitness might be the reason why he doesn’t age. Though a few fans have other speculations. Some are calling him an Immortal while others asking him to confess that he is a Vampire (as they don’t age also).

In the past, this badass actor was renounced as a chick magnet but now after posting his latest Instagram post, he has acquired a new title of “Immortal” by netzines. Everyone is trying to find the secret behind forever young Anil Kapoor.

This is what fans are guessing

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So is he really immortal?

I wish he is immortal because he is one of the most chill people in Bollywood. He is humorous, he is energetic and he loves to stay fit. I’m not sure about his immortality but his healthy habits have made him look way younger than his actual age. But he might also be a Vampire (who knows).

The secret behind forever young Anil Kapoor

However, we think that Anil Kapoor might just be the real-life version of ‘Brad Pitt’ from the movie, ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. Just like they show in this movie, that the hero age in reverse, Anil Kapoor might just be the real-life version of it. The guy who actually ages in reverse.

It does look like it after all. Just to remind you, Anil Kapoor has a daughter, her age is 33 and she is married. He is old, but does he look like a 62-year-old should? See for yourself.

And then tell us, what do you think? What keeps Anil Kapoor forever young? 

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