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This Research Says Your Brain Has To Work Extra Hard To Forget About Your Ex

Memories are like photographs inside your brain. Whenever you recall a good memory, you feel good. Sometimes it’s a sad one, which ends up making you sad.

But they are not like a picture in your phone memory. You can’t just delete it. But did you know, forgetting a memory takes more effort from your brain than making a new one?

Knowing that past can be a burden sometimes, everyone wants to forget one thing or the other. It might be a bad childhood memory or maybe some experience that made you scared of getting out in public. But forgetting is not that easy. According to this new study, it was found that your brain has to work extra hard to forget something.

Why was in the research?

forgetting memories

Published research in the Journal of Neuroscience suggests that for brain it is easy to recall a memory. But, forgetting memories can be a tough task for the brain. It is definitely a huge problem for people who are still holding on to their past.

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Though, the thing is, your brain can voluntarily forget a memory. Sadly, medical science still doesn’t know how to stimulate it manually and help you to forget your ex. Most people usually start by trying not to think about the person or experience in order to forget it.

For people with severe cases, therapy or drugs help them limit their brain from accessing that sad memory.

Apparently, these methods don’t work very often (or fast). In that case, you have to leave it all up on your brain’s inherited skills that blur the memory with time. But, what if there is another way that can help you to forget about the past, about your ex?

What was the research’s outcome?

forgetting memories

In order to perform their research, a group of healthy adults was invited. They all were shown pictures of faces and scenes and asked to remember or forget each one. Researchers were tracking patterns of volunteers brain activity.

The result came out that remembering something doesn’t require any extra effort from your brain, as there was moderate brain activity while the remembering act.

Though the scene was completely different when it comes to forgetting as it showed increased brain activity. Which means your brain has to do some extra work when it comes to forgetting memories.

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Bottom line:

Your brain can forget a memory but it won’t give up that easily, even for the new and good ones. This happens because memories remind you that you’ve been to that place. If you forget a memory, you’ll also forget that you don’t want to visit that place. By taking a conscious decision to figure out which memory is hurting the most, you can try and forget it.

There might not be the best way to forget but studies like this one can help to device a new and easy way to get rid of unnecessary memory.

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