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Don’t Ignore Minor Fractures, It Badly Affects The Bone Density Of Your Entire Body

Did you ever have a fracture?

In your leg or hand or practically any part of your body? If yes, then you should be more concerned about your bone density. Doctors have finally decoded why you seem to get another fracture if you have had any in the recent past.

Bone density gets affected by fracture

bone density

Two studies were conducted at the University of California-Davis. It focused on studying the changes that occur in the musculoskeletal tissues due to injury. The doctors who did the research concluded that it’s not just around the time when you break your bone that the bone density gets affected.

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They could find that long term effects on bone density remain even after you heal your fracture. Apparently, bone density also gets low with age and diseases, but its more severe because of a fracture. According to  Blaine Christiansen, associate professor at the University said, ‘ We know one fracture seems to lead to others, but we haven’t known why’.

bone density

Their work is the first step to identifying the cellular mechanisms of systemic bone loss. The idea behind the study was that it can be used in the future to invent therapeutic processes that can help in the prevention of bone loss.

The first study was conducted with 4000 participants, which were all elderly women. It was found after the study that those women who had a fracture in the past had significantly lower bone density than the ones who never had a fracture.

Interestingly, all the elder women who had fractured a bone didn’t necessarily have it near the hip or leg. Even a small fracture on the wrist leads to the same effect as the big fractures did. Which pointed to the direction that no matter how small the fracture is, it will have the same effect on the BMD.

The second study on recovering bone density

bone density

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The second study was conducted on mice where the thighbones were fractured. Naturally, the bone density decreased in all the subjects. However, they could conclude that it occurred at a higher rate after the first two weeks of the fracture.

They were also able to find that the bone density loss was much visible in the spine. However, they saw that the younger mice were able to cope up their bone density levels but the older mice couldn’t. This clearly showed that the entire density of the bones gets affected and it can only recover naturally at a younger age.

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Should you be concerned?

bone density

Absolutely, you should pay extra attention to fractures. Even if it is a pinky finger or your toe, it is going to lower your bone density. You are more likely to get a fracture if you just broke your bone a few months back. This happens because your core bone density decreases and thereby your bones become weak.

But you can make some basic changes in your daily routine so that your bones are healthy. Also, if you eat a diet that promotes bone density, you will help yourselves in the longer run.

What can you do to get healthy bones:

  • To ensure that you don’t get into trouble, have a diet that promotes healthy bones.
  • Eat lots of vegetables and a protein-rich diet.
  • Try and do some exercise that involves weight bearings
  • Consume high-calcium foods
  • Take proper Vitamin D and Vitamin K

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Live strong, live healthy

The key to a healthy life also lies healthy bones and with a strong bone density comes inner strength. Now that you know how to get strong bones, you should include calcium-rich foods along with a healthy diet.

Because as they say, To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone!

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