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7 Asian Dishes That Will Freak The Hell Out Of You

Exploring food from different cultures always sound very interesting. However, the real deal is not always that easy.

freaky foods from Asia

Especially in the Asia specific regions, where streets and restaurants are full of strange and controversial food one can ever have.

Let’s check out some of these freaky dishes

PANIKI (Fruit Bat)

Paniki freaky foods
Preparation before cooking

No, this is not a bat made with fruits. Fruit bat is a type of bat also known as Megabats or Flying Foxes. The dish is one of the most popular delicacies from North Sulawesi. There are different ways to enjoy it like deep fried, grilled, and barbecued. Usually, it is consumed as a stew cooked in spicy mixture of different herbs.

UNI (Sea Urchin Gonads)

Sea urchin freaky food
Sea Urchin in different forms

Uni is a Japnese term for Gonads. This is one of the most exotic and premium food of Asia. Due to its rich texture and spiky appearance it appeals to every ardent food lover and highly appreciated by food critics and chefs.

TONG ZI DAN (Virgin boy eggs)

Tong zi dan freaky dish
Eggs soaked in urine of young boys

It is a simple and traditional dish of China, prepared by boiling eggs. Well, as the name is quite associated with eggs, the only weird thing is that the eggs are soaked and cooked in the urine collected from young boys. Oops! Not cool at all.


sheep in a farm
Sheep penis as a culinary

Yes, you read it right! This dish is mainly cooked and served in some popular restaurants of China. It is prepared by threading the meat on stick, grilling and then served hot. Many people visit China and spend hundreds of dollars for the dish as it is believed that consuming male genitals can increase male potency and improve women’s skin.


fried tarantula freaky food
Fried tarantula (Image credit) (Image credit)

Being widely popular in Cambodia, it is one of the most outrageous dishes one can ever have in life. It has also gained the spot of the most popular tourist attraction. People began consuming Tarantula during the past years when there was a huge shortage of food & people had no choice rather than eating them.


sannakji freaky dish
When Sannakji is chopped and served on the plate

Eating bizarre dish could be challenging but eating something alive could give you nightmares throughout your life. Sannakji is a dish made of live Octopus tentacles finely chopped and served with sesame oil.  The worst part is you have to engulf them alive which really requires a lot of guts.


Tuna eyeballs freaky food
Tuna eyeballs being served and sold (Image credit) (Image credit)

Quite popular and interesting food of Japan. Tuna eyes are actually a big deal to try. It is the most alluring delicacy among locals and can be consumed in various ways. Being rich in amino acids and omega 3, it is also very beneficial for skin and eyes. Though, a little horrible but can do wonders for your body.

Which is the most bizarre food you have heard about?  Do share in comments.


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