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15 Little Worries You Should Free Yourself From To Lead A Happy Life

Independence, Freedom, and Rights go hand in hand.

But Independence is not always about the parade, the national anthem, and the celebrations. Independence means to be free from all the chains, which includes feelings, habits and other silly things that are pulling you down.

So, flutter your wings and set yourself free from the profane boundaries to experience true freedom. And, no you won’t need to swear for cliched resolutions like you’ll quit smoking and drinking (Pssst.. that doesn’t mean you are being encouraged to drink and smoke). You ought to do something for yourself, that is gonna be genuinely beneficial for your mind, body and soul in the longer run.

Here’s a list of things that you need to follow if you really really wanna have a rendezvous with true liberty:

1. Don’t limit your beliefs

You have got no idea what you can achieve if you just stop limiting yourself and your beliefs. Let them run wild. Once you break the barriers within, the sky will be your limit.

Find your inner freedom

2. Stop stressing yourself out

One thing is for sure, your stress isn’t gonna solve any problems. Let go of the stress and feel that heavy weight lifted off your chest. It will be an amazing feeling. Try it.

3. Stop making others happy at the cost of your own happiness

Ok, you need to understand this, that no one really cares what you sacrifice for their happiness. So, stop being so self-sacrificing all the time you, Mother Teresa. Find your own happiness first.

4. Find your strength within and trust yourself

Don’t let others pull you down, and for that, you need to have confidence in yourself. Find your hidden strengths and make it your shield. You ‘ll be surprised with what you can achieve.

5. Don’t blame others for anything

First of all, you need to understand that blaming others won’t help you complete the task. So, just, don’t. Instead of wasting time and energy to play the blame game, try fixing things on your own for a change. Feels brilliant afterward.

Find your inner freedom

6. Stop wasting time to impress others

Ok, gone are those times when you needed to impress others for your benefit. Today, people respect those who respect themselves. Bottomline, stop wasting even a second to impress someone. Ok…ok…maybe just a little for that hottie from your opposite flat!!

7. Let go of your anger

Everyone knows that anger never works in favor of anyone. So, no matter how angry or pissed you are, just practice deep breaths. You’ll pat yourself later when you realize you saved yourself from a deep shit, just because you didn’t burst out with anger.

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8. Don’t keep any grudges against anyone

Nothing is going to change if you hold back that heavy grudge and carry it along. So, shed that weight and feel how relaxed your life actually is and has always been.

9. Don’t avoid the reality

It might seem hard to confront the reality but when you do that, you’ll automatically solve a million problems of your life. And yes, it will feel much better to be in terms with your life. Those 500 crunches won’t help if you are avoiding your cardio.

Find your inner freedom

10. Don’t judge anyone

Just like you don’t wanna be judged, it’s the same for others as well. Keep your thoughts and comments to yourself unless asked for. After all, it’s ok to sometimes stay mum and not blab out what you think about that girl with a weird fashion sense. Correct?

11. Don’t criticize others

If you think that criticising others is gonna do any good, you’re wrong. When you stop criticizing others, you yourself get room to grow. You will apply that time to your own betterment instead and it’s definitely helpful.

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12. Don’t linger in the past

If you still dwell in the past, you are not gonna do anything good for yourself. Let go of the past and plan for your future. Your life will change, and it can only be possible if you decide to change. So what if you have put on some weight? Forget the old days of being thin and enjoy the new improved you.

13. Learn to let go of people

It’s hard to forget and leave people that you used to love and care for once. But it isn’t impossible. Your life will change for good and you’ll realize there is so much more to the world than a person who anyway doesn’t want to be a part of your life.

Find your inner freedom

14. Stop expecting anything from anyone

This is something that’ll make you strong AF. Once you stop expecting anything from the people around you, you’ll come to know how much you actually mean to them. Worth a try, no?

15. Don’t depend on anyone for anything

The moment you stop your dependency on others, you’ll do yourself a huge favor. When you have to do everything by yourself, you ‘ll find how easy things actually are. Moreover, you’ll become strong with each passing day. So, chuck the nasty maid and try that new dishwasher you saw in the shopping mall.

In conclusion:

Life is what you make out of it. So, it won’t be wrong to say that freedom begins from within. If you drag the dead weight of past and don’t trust yourself, you can never actually be free.
With this, make yourself independent in true sense and see how free and beautiful your life is. You never know what hidden happiness or strength you unlock in the process, but one thing is for sure, you’ll get the best feeling once you break -free of all these invisible chains around your neck.

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