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Have A December Born Friend Or Lover? You Should Know These 10 Things About Them

You must have come across those T-shirts which have the cliched quote,’ Kings/Queens are born in December’.

Well, they are true. Not because everyone born in December is from a long lost empire but because of the qualities they possess. If you have a December born friend, or the love of your life happens to have his/her birthday in December, you are lucky.

There are a few beautiful and amazing qualities that your December born friend or lover has. And I am sure after knowing those qualities you will fall in love with them all over again. Here are 10 qualities of your December born friend or lover you should know-

1. They will go an extra mile for you

December born friend or lover

This is one of the sweetest things that your December born friend or lover will do for you. Even if it’s as small as getting your favorite Chinese from a distant food truck that is not listed in Zomato, they will happily do it for you. Just to see you smile.

2. No one can match their loyalty

December born friend or lover

Once they commit themselves to you, they are yours. No other person or bribe can take them away from you. They will never bitch about you behind your backs and always be loyal to you no matter what.

3. They bring out the crazy you

December born friend or lover

Of course, you know how crazy you act when they are around. They are those sweet cupids that bring out the fun and crazy side of yours. You are most likely to try adventure sports with them. Bungee jumping, skydiving or rafting- you name it.

4. They have the best sense of humour

December born friend or lover

It will be very common for you to roll on the floor and laugh when you hang out with your December born friend or lover. Why? because they have some dope sense of humour. They can make you laugh on super silly things and you are sure to love it.

5. They give the best advice

December born friend or lover

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They are the best ones to go to if you need any advise. they will be honest and blunt with you. Blunt and staright forward are in their nature. They won’t give you useless and stupid guidelines and definitely not sugar coat it for you just so you like them.

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6. They have your back. Always.

December born friend or lover

No matter you are stuck in a lonely graveyard at 3 or you need a shoulder to cry on, they are there. All you need to do is give them a call. They will never turn you down. Even if it comes to bitching about your ex, they will sit next to you and rant for hours.

7. Little things mean a lot to them

December born friend or lover

For them, it’s not about a 5-star resort, it’s more about the small wooden cafe where you hold a coffee cup and bask in the sun. Basically, little things mean a lot for them. Unlike most of the materialistic people, December borns are content with little things.

8. They are wise

December born friend or lover

Wisdom runs in their blood. they always have the most unique perspective on a particular thing. Which is why whenever they speak, its a wise thing. They are always on a lookout to learn new things, hence, they tend to be more knowledgeable than most.

9. They are strong-willed

December born friend or lover

They have a strong will-power. Once they set their goal, they make sure to achieve it no matter how. It might take days or months to achieve them, but they never leave something in the middle. They always do justice to their promises.

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10. They are down to earth

December born friend or lover

The December borns are the most down to earth people. They don’t like to fight or make an issue out of anything. Moreover, they are humble souls. They are not those folks who are proud and enjoy ruling over someone. They treat everyone as their own.

In Conclusion:

Now you know why your December born bestie never forgets your birthday and why your December born lover always surprises you when you least expect it. It’s time for you to cherish them and make sure to never let them go. Because if they leave, you will be at loss, not them. Just make sure not to hurt them, they don’t tend to give second chances.

So go and grab your December born friend or lover, because they are the best. 

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