From 15GB To 1TB, Google Is Increasing The Storage Limit Of Workspace Accounts

Are you annoyed with this message “Your Storage Is Full” from Google? This message does not only annoy you but millions of people, while trying to upload a file on Google Drive, or save a new photo on Google Photos and even while receiving a few extra emails. However, Google is finally ending this storage problem by increasing the limit of its Google Workspace individual accounts. As this problem majorly affects business organisations by restricting them from expanding their operations, Google is now increasing the limit by a massive margin. The limit has increased from 15GB to 1TB.

From 15GB To 1TB, Google Is Increasing The Storage Limit Of Workspace Account

Google Workspace Account Storage Limit Increased Individual Accounts

Soon every Google Workspace Individual account will come with 1TB of secure cloud storage. You don’t have to lift a finger to get the upgraded storage: Every account will be automatically upgraded from their existing 15GB of storage to 1TB as we roll this out”, read Google’s blog post. Google further acknowledges that a business needs more storage to secure docs, data files, and other digital assets and needs more storage to expand its operations.

Moreover, now Microsoft Office users can edit their documents without the need of converting them. Also, for the user’s security now Google Drive comes with in-built protection layers which defend against spam, malware, and other ransomware. These users can access their documents without any tension of getting spammed.

Google presently charges ₹130 monthly for 100GB of storage, ₹210 monthly for 200GB of storage, and ₹650 monthly for 2TB of storage.

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“They are being misled by the term ‘Individual Workspace Account’ which was repeated by many print media members and online news sites, without explaining that this did not refer to you and me and many other lay users of a free Gmail account, which since 2020 has been rebranded as part of something Google calls Workspace – an omnibus term for tools like Gmail, Google Meet, Google Drive, Calendar, Chat etc,” mentioned by swarajyamag.

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