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Frozen 2 Trailer Is Out And Fans Are Wondering About These Two New Characters

After becoming everyone’s favorite movie, Frozen is finally coming with its part 2. This fall, Walt Disney is coming with Frozen 2l.

The trailer has just released. With Elsa testing her powers and finding out that other elemental powers also exist, Frozen 2 trailer looks very intense.

But that’s not what fans are excited about, as all that they are talking about is Elsa’s girlfriend. But is she really Elsa’s girlfriend?

What was in the trailer?

Frozen 2 trailer

Although it was Elsa who got the majority of screen time, creators also added some interesting hints that have left fans speculating about the story.

The trailer starts with Elsa alone on a beach. It is dark and the waves are high. Don’t know, if Elsa is trying to cross the ocean by concurring those big waves or she is just testing her powers. Whatever she was doing, was amazing though.

Other than that, the trailer gave us a hint that there are other elemental powers that existed in the frozen world. We have already see the power of the mighty wind when Elsa was testing her powers.

Apparently, there is also a unique fire. We are assuming it is also an elemental power. This could mean we are going to see new princesses or villains that possess those powers too.

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What about the two new characters and Elsa’s girlfriend?

Frozen 2 trailer

Apart from Elsa and elemental powers, this 2 minutes trailer also introduced two new characters. We don’t know who they are yet, but fans are assuming that the girl could be Elsa’s love interest.

Ever since the release of Frozen fans wanted Elsa to have a female love interest in her story. That’s why they started the #MakeElsaGay movement some time back. Now the introduction of this new female made them think that this new girl can be her love interest. Apart from the girl, the trailer also introduced a blonde haired young boy.

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If you haven’t watched the trailer, watch it here:

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In Conclusion:

Sometimes fan theories do become true. This might not happen every time, but it does happen. We don’t really know if this new character is Elsa’s girlfriend or fans are just having their hopes high.

The movie will release this year in November, till then all we can do is wait.

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