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Are Frozen Vegetables Healthy? They Might Look Less Nutritious But Some Are Healthier Than Fresh Ones

When you go for grocery shopping, you rarely proceed towards the frozen zone. Unless the fresh vegetable section is empty, you don’t really like to pick up frozen veggies, right?

Most of you are under the impression that frozen vegetables lose their nutritious value. But you are mistaken.

Are Frozen vegetables healthy?

are frozen vegetables healthy

Most people assume that they are not. Because everyone has been taught ‘Fresher is better’. Agreed, but when it comes to certain vegetables, the frozen option is healthier. To give you an example, green peas lose almost half of the nutritional value within 24 hours of its harvest.

Now, don’t forget the fact that by the time it reaches you, it has already lost almost all its nutrition significance. However, when it comes to frozen peas, the nutritional value remains intact as it gets frozen soon after the harvest when it’s at the peak of its freshness.

This proves that fresh isn’t always better for consumption. Some frozen vegetables are healthy.  And apart from being available around the year, frozen vegetables also are cheap in comparison to the fresh ones.

The study- Fresh Vs Frozen

are frozen vegetables healthy

A study was conducted that measured the nutritional value of certain fresh and frozen fruits and vegetable to come to the conclusion, which one is better. The researchers from University of California used eight different fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables which included- corn, broccoli, spinach, carrots, peas, green beans, strawberries, and blueberries.

However, they didn’t find surprising differences between fresh and frozen. In fact, the Vitamin C content in peas, blueberries, and corn was much higher in their frozen form.

It meant that fresh veggies aren’t necessarily healthier in comparison to frozen ones.

What should you choose?

are frozen vegetables healthy

When it comes to choosing a vegetable for your cooking, all you need to focus on what are you going to make. What matters the most is that any vegetable shouldn’t be over-cooked. Once they are overcooked, they lose all their nutritional value. So, keep in mind to be gentle with your cooking.

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If you are preparing a salad, go for the fresh ones. Pick up some fresh lettuce, cucumber, and greens. However, while making a soup or a curry, you can very well use the frozen ones as a few veggies contain more nutritional value than the fresh ones. (especially corn and peas)

Instead of frying, saute them for a minute. You can even use them in a puree form while making curry. Just don’t overdo the cooking at any cost.

In Conclusion:

Keep in mind that you can bring small changes that make a great impact on your body. Switching to a  healthy lifestyle can ensure glowing skin, great hair, and healthy metabolism. Use health-related information and practice it to have better hold on your health.

Keep a mix of frozen and fresh vegetable in your refrigerator. It will lessen tha hassle for you and also give you a wide range of options for healthy eating.

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