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Fully-Functional And Armoured ‘Batmobile’ Sized In Russia

Since the don of the first Batman movie that showcased his personal vehicle ‘Batmobile’, it has become a crush of every human in this world. And while you thought it is a fictional thing, boom, life happens and you have a real Batmobile in Russia.

The Russian police have seized a vehicle that shares striking similarities with Batman’s Batmobile. The Police seized the thick black-tyred vehicle with a low profile when it was out on an errand (to fight the villains we guess).

Source – Malay Mail

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However, the errand was haled by the police who got hold ont the 32-year-old owner and levied numerous fines on him for assembling the same at a private workshop. The car, as per a report, has been customised by a workshop named Fast Boom Pro. The parts of the car were purchased from the US, the report adds.

Source – Car Advice

The replica car was reportedly put on sale in Russia in October last year for 55 million rubles ($842,100).

Source – South China Morning Post

In the auction, it was described as an armoured vehicle with a night-vision camera, a thermal imaging camera, a laser-aiming device and a model gun that imitates the sound of shooting. The Batman vehicle for the first time appeared in the 2016 film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

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Now that is something you would want to own.

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