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Fun Facts You Need To Know Before Watching Artemis Fowl

Have you just watched the teaser trailer of the new Disney movie “Artemis Fowl”?  Are you wondering what it is all about? Well, I would have been wondering the same thing, if I hadn’t read the Artemis Fowl novel series.

Yes, this movie is based on the Eoin Colfer novel with the same name and the book has been published in more than 44 languages. I bet you didn’t know that.

Just like this, here are some more interesting facts about Artemis Fowl that you should know before watching the movie.

Fun facts you need to know

Artemis Fowl facts
The movie is about a 12 years old boy named Artemis Fowl. He is a criminal mastermind who is smarter than everyone on the planet and inside of the planet.
Artemis Fowl facts
This a sci-fi, fantasy movie, portraying fairies, dwarfs, and leprecons.
Artemis Fowl facts
Artemis has got a butler bodyguard, who is apparently everyone’s favorite. His name is Domovoe.
Artemis Fowl facts
He is not just an ordinary butler or your regular bodyguard. He doesn’t read, he just stares at the book until he gets the information.

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Artemis Fowl facts
In Artemis house, his father has raised him with a family motto “Gold is Power.”
Artemis Fowl facts
The story portrays conflict and interaction of Artemis with the fairies who are living inside our planet.
Artemis Fowl facts
We think crop circles are made by the aliens, but if you have read the book, you would know it’s just Domovoe’s way to tell the world that sometimes even crops need to lie down.
Artemis Fowl facts
There are only two main human characters in the movie, Artemis and his Butler.
Artemis Fowl facts
Artemis kidnaps the Captain of the fairy police force, her name is Holly Shorts.
Artemis Fowl facts
The reason he captured Holly is so that he can ask ransom in return. He has to pay for the fortune of his family.
Artemis Fowl facts
Artemis is introduced as a criminal mastermind, a bad guy: though the real bad person is a pixie known as ‘Opal Koboi.’
Artemis Fowl facts
Domovoe can find 1,242 objects to kill you in your own bedroom. Really.

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Artemis Fowl facts
Domovoe is so strong that when someone tries to attack him Police labels him as 45-11 a suicide.
Artemis Fowl facts
His conflicts are not black and white. Whatever he is doing there is a reason. And there is a reason for fairies gruesome response as well. The story falls under a grey area that might make it hard for you to choose sides.
Artemis Fowl facts
Disney is working on this movie since 2016.

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In Conclusion:

Artemis is a smart and diabolic kid who will take you on an unforgettable journey. I don’t want to give you any spoiler but he not that bad. If they portray the story in the right way, you’ll definitely fall in love with it and especially the butler. The movie will release in August 9, 2019.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, watch it here:

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