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10 Beard Memes That Will Make You Wonder ‘Why The Hell Are You Keeping It’

It’s long, it’s dark and makes a man look handsome. But, there are problems with having a beard.

Certainly, there is no doubt that that curly barbaric hair on your face, attracts a lot of attention. You feel confident and sexy and there is no doubt in that either.

But don’t you think managing your facial hair is the most underrated thing in this world? Your parents hate it and your friends take it for granted, there are more than just one problem with keeping a beard.

I keep inches long santa claus myself and these are the main problems that I face on my face because of my beard.

1. Added Responsibility

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Growing a inches long beard means you have a new responsibility to follow. It doesn’t matter if you take a bath or not, you need to wash your beard regularly. Otherwise, the only thing that will come near you will be the bees.

2. Can’t eat with the feel

beard memes

Eating is what makes life feel less frustrating. Anytime when you are sad, happy or angry, eating your favorite food is the solution. But if you are the proud owner of a beard you might not be able to enjoy your pizza with extra cheese. As if you didn’t pay proper attention, the extra cheese will be stuck in your crumb catcher.

Eating with fork and knife is the only option and that will take away the feel.

3. Wet beard and the winter season

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If you own a beard you know it takes longer to dry a beard than drying your hairs. No matter how much time you waste in drying your nose neighbour, it will stay wet until you feel cold. When the water stored inside those cheek roots meets the cold wind blowing on your face the combination is pretty uncomfortable.

4. The itch that never goes

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This is something that people who don’t have beard also knows and many times they have asked if we get the itch inside our beard or not. Well, the question is inappropriate. Let me cover your chin with something similar like a beard for 2 seconds and then see what happen. Offcource we feel the itch, and the only way to get relief from it is not to think about the itch.

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So, fucking stop asking us the same question.

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5. Tag of homeless

beard memes

A family function or going out on a formal party with your friends. You’ll definitely be going to face relative and friends who try to act like your relative and point at your beard by saying you look homeless. I know you don’t care what other people think about your long, shiny, furry friend. But it does hurt sometimes when they call you homeless.

6. Problem with the hair growth

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It doesn’t grow on its own, it looks like they grow naturally but to grow a beard you need to make some efforts. Otherwise naturally you will only be going to get a broomstick on your face. Facial hairs don’t grow evenly, to make things look good you need to provide nourishment. Which costs twice the amount you spend on your junk food.

7. Eating soup is a task

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You can’t just pick up the spoon and start eating your soup. You need to have a plan for it before you dig in. Otherwise, it’ll be a mess for your and party for bees inside your beard.

8. Ketchup is your evil friend

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There are chances every time you eat something that involves ketchup, your mustache is going to keep that taste contained for a long time. If you are not careful you’ll end up causing a mess inside your beard.

9. Comfortable clothes can cause trouble

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Winter is coming and hoodies are the most comfortable clothing that you can wear. But if you ask someone who is keeping a long beard for years now, they will tell you hoodies are the death trap. As their beard must have stuck inside the hoodie for at least once.

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10. Cold weather and hygiene

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Cold weather brings running nose, lots of sneezing, coughing and blowing off of your nose. Now, remember your facial hair is also your nosy neighbor. Every time you sneeze things are going to get messy and you’ll feel dirty as fuck.

In conclusion:

It gets hard sometimes to manage facial hairs but the problems it creates are just hilarious. So instead of cringing let’s just laugh on it. Also, do tell us the problem you face with keeping a beard.

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