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10 Instances When Our Parents Lost All Hopes From Us And We Were Like Whaat!

According to our Dads, if we fail in these tests, we will never amount to anything in future.

Indian parents are so adorable, lovely and possess advanced abilities which they use for our betterment. And no one can deny the fact that no matter how old and mature we get, we’ll always be children in our parent’s eyes.

However, there has been some huge gaps in the generation which our parents are finding hard to digest!

Like waking up late and modifying our day to day chores to suit our laid-back lifestyle. Haven’t we?

We binge-watch Netflix the whole night, Whatsapp, use Facebook till wee morning hours and then finally crash in our bed.

Life is a chilled out beach till the time we are assigned any household task.

Here’s are 10 such instances that we all have faced (at least once) in our life so far- –

1. Waking up late is an unforgivable SIN!

Waking up late is something that is really normal for us. And it’s not because we are working hard or studying whole night. It’s because we had glued our eyes to our laptop screen the whole night binge-watching Netflix. Result- We wake up late the next day. And the same thing repeats over and over again.

But, our Dads hate this habit. It’s a straight-up disaster if we are found in our bed past 7 a.m. It seems they have issues when they see children peacefully sleeping in the fan-on-curtain-closed -room. It begins with a vocal warning effect of which we are expected to abandon the ‘Resting Post’.

The warning would be something like -‘Ye dekho inko. Ye kya karenge future me, inse subeh to utha nahi jata’

Sounds way too familiar, right.

indian guy sleeping meme

2. Not able to change the tube light

If we live with parents, there are few tasks which are bound to be completed exclusively by us. We know, that if there is this ‘Herculean task’ of changing a tube light in the house premises, we are to be found and given this responsibility.

And god forbid if we aren’t able to complete it properly in one go  and it still requires a couple of twists and turns to light up.

We will be judged, looked down upon and labeled as a ‘Nalayak’.

3. Took a soiled note from a vendor out of ignorance = No brains detected

The heinous crime of taking a soiled note is something our dads always make us pay for.

The moment of truth arises when we are being asked about the level of ignorance we had that we ended up taking a bad note. There’s absolutely no point of coming up with any excuses as they won’t work.

We get to hear things like, ‘ Kab ayegi paise ki samajh…Kab Bada Hoga tu…..Kab Akal ayegi…’

soiled not meme

4. How could a grown-up not buy fresh vegetables?

Buying fresh veggies is something that should have been taught in schools. (LoL)

I mean we could lose our dignity over a few pieces of spoiled tomatoes. And that’s harsh if you ask us. Whenever we come home with veggies and find out that a few pieces are spoilt or the entire lot is dry and stale, we know the disaster we are in.

Our dads take pride in getting the best product when it comes to buying veggies. And if we fail to keep up their level, we are screwed.

We will soon be gaining popularity through the new character traits that our dad just examined in us. To begin with, we’ll be called ‘Careless’ and ‘Irresponsible’.

After all, ‘Andha aadmi bhi Aisi Sadi-Gali sabzi Nai lata!’

5. Forgot to pay the electricity bill= The world will come to an end

Ok, now this is something we should make a note of. We forget to pay the electricity bill and all hell breaks lose.

Did that ring a bell?

I bet we all have done this at least once and suffered the wrath. ‘This is the heights of irresponsibility’, ‘ How could you do this’, ‘With such a carelessness attitude God knows where will you go’ – are a few of the most common magical lines.

I bet we all have different versions of the sentences echoing in our ears right now!

forgot to pay the bill

6. Not able to change the bed sheets without having a crease= How’d you survive without your mom

We are required to have a surgeon like precision while changing bed-sheets. If we fail, we can’t live in hostels without our moms.

When we are given the grave task of changing bed-sheets, we have only one option. Either we put it without having a crease or just evaporate! It’s as simple as that. Our parents don’t like messy things and crease on the bed-sheet happens to be on top of the list.

7. Watching cartoons at the age of 25 = You should go back to play school

If we have the audacity to watch a cartoon in front of our dad, it makes them doubt our qualifications for marriage.

I mean, legends have tried and failed to complete this task of watching a cartoon in front of their dads and failed miserably.

But why are we saying this? Our dads can’t tolerate this shit of grown-ups watching a cartoon. And if they catch us in action, they start with comments of ‘ Baccha hi reh jayega kya’, ‘Kab dimag develope Hoga Tera’ that hit you like an arrow.

son dad conversation meme

8 Still eating noodles = How will your brain develop

According to our dads, noodles are earthworms in disguise. So, to sustain in this fast paced world, we should not eat noodles but samosa is ok.

If we get caught while eating Maggi, we are done. Apparently, our brain has not yet reached the level which can understand the sheer level of crime that we just committed. In our dad’s eyes, we have lost his respect, his expectations. We have destroyed his dreams.

9. Did not refill the water bottle before putting it in the fridge =World War 3

An empty bottle in the refrigerator is enough to spark a world war 3 at our house. AmI right or am I RIGHT?

I’m sure none of us are shocked or amazed at this reason.

So, what do we do? We drink, we keep it the same way and we return. But we have got the idea of the next chain of events, don’t we? We start to hear comments flying in unison from our parents.

Coz, everyone knows that this crime -zone is taken care of by both parents.

deepika padukone meme

10. When taking selfies everywhere = You don’t even know how to enjoy

Ok, I mean who doesn’t like clicking selfies? Answer- Our dads.

They hate the whole concept of selfies altogether. The hormonal balance of our dads gets destroyed if they spot a youth busy clicking selfies.

Sadly, if we fall into the category of a ‘selfie-lover’, we are bound to have a hard time.

It all begins when we are making poses, finding angles to get that super selfie and dad sees us. Wham and the drama begins.

For the first five minutes, all we hear is the possible side-effects of clicking selfies and in the next five how all that is related to our future (Which is non-existent btw, coz if we click selfies we won’t have any future)

amitabh bachchan meme

And we have no choice but to listen and digest. (P.S.  never apply any logic on these judgments.)

Because even if we do, we ain’t gonna get an answer! (Reason? There’s no logic behind those judgments)

But whatever it is, only we know that our dads are the best and they can’t be compared. And we find our dads the most lovely, cute and funny when it comes to their daily rituals.

Got any more instances we can relate to? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section.




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