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Life In The Way Of Life – 6 Relatable Explanations That Prove Life Has Made Its Own Plans For You

It’s a waste of time to think about the future and plan your summer trip to goa. Because you and your life know that you are not going anywhere when the time comes.

Life has already made plans to embarrass you, by making you the only person to say “no” for the trip because of some shitty, so-called urgent work that just appeared out of nowhere.

The work might not be that urgent, but it’s hard to change the plan of life. Life want’s to play on its own terms, there is no way you can eat ice-cream when you want it. You can only have it when your life wants you to have it.

As this is life in the way of life…

1. Elevator is always on the top floor when you are on the ground floor

the way of life

I’ve recently noticed that whenever I’m leaving from work, tired, thinking about rolling that big fat juice joint, life knows that I’m in hurry. According to me, I should be on the ground floor by now, but I’m still stuck on the 25th floor.

Life decides how to treat me. That’s why the elevator is always on the ground floor (not moving) when I’m on the top floor and vice-versa. Believe me, this has become a regular thing.

2. Traffic is in your lane, the other lane is always empty

the way of life

I try to console myself by saying it is the peak hour and getting stuck in the traffic is how it supposed to be. But I think life manipulates me to think in that way only because all I see is moving cars. On the other lane!

As there is no explanation on how the other lane is always running smooth and how there can be traffic on my side. Even on a Sunday afternoon.

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3. Life and time are the best friends, both want to fuck you

the way of life

Other than life itself, there are two things that you can never understand. The first one is women, of course, and the second one is ‘time’. Believe me, life and time are the best friends who just want to troll you.

Because there is no explanation for how you get late for work every day, even when you leave your house at 5 in this chilly winter mornings.

4. You don’t find things you kept on the kitchen table last night

the way of liife

Remember the time when you were getting ready for school but you couldn’t find the fucking necktie anywhere in the house. Yes, your mom told you it’s on the bed right in front of your eye, but you know there was nothing. It is just your life, playing with you, trying to make you look like an idiot.

But now, you don’t live in your mom’s house and life has the perfect place to hide everything you put on the table. That’s the way of life.

5. Getting a promotion when it is the right time

the way of life

Yes, I’ve been bitching about life for a long time now but I don’t think life is that hard on me or any of us. It’s just about the right timing, everything that you face in life from the ridiculous traffic jam to the hiding prank of life, everything happens for a reason to teach you, to make you better.

That’s why when the right time comes, both the time and your life is satisfied with you will gift you everything that you always wanted. Just like your promotion that has was stuck for more than a year now.

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6. You don’t find love when you need it

the way of life

Have you watched the show “How I Met Your Mother,” a classic rom-com? The lead actor of the series, Ted Mosby is a hopeless romantic guy. Who is looking for love everywhere because he thinks he needs love. But he didn’t find it until it was the time.

Unfortunately, it’s not up to you, life knows when it is okay for you to fall in love, with whom you should fall in love. When life thinks you are ready for it you’ll find it. Not when you think you need it because it is your life in the way of life.

In Conclusion:

Uninstall tinder and all the other dating apps, because until life fucks you, you can get into bed with someone else. Or challenge it by trying even harder. Maybe, life will back off and you’ll get what you wanted, when you wanted. The only way you can bet life is by doing hard work and just go with the flow.

Things happen for a reason, don’t try to change them desperately. Just make sure to have the best by giving your 100% to beat this life in the way of life.

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