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Game Of Thrones- The Deaths That Made Your Heart Ache…..And The Deaths That Brought Out Your Evil Grin!!

George R.R. Martin has been successful in taking viewers on a roller coaster of emotions with the enticing season of Game of Thrones.

Sometimes it is the death of the evil, wretched character we’ve hated all along and sometimes it is the untimely death of one of our favorites. Nevertheless, the season continues and with each passing episode something unimaginable happens!! (Only if you manage to save yourself from spoilers…*wink*)

However, with 2019 around the far corner,

it is time for the GOT clan to remember the lost ones who we loved – and – to rejoice on the deaths of the treacherous and vile characters who have died so far.

To begin with – let us mourn our favorites first so that we can grin on the deaths of hateful characters in the later part.

Eddard Stark

eddard stark

A kind and just soul who was brave, courageous yet, – a humble fool. It won’t be wrong to say that Ed Stark would still be alive – if he was even a tad bit cunning as Cersei or Littlefinger.

eddard stark

Just because Ed was not devious and failed to anticipate Cersei’s next move- he got himself beheaded and also was labelled as a traitor. Our hearts ached with his untimely and shocking death. *sigh*



With dialogues limited to – different version of the word –‘Hodor’, it might seem odd that his death would have a drastic affect. But Hodor’s death, crushed millions of hearts across the globe.

hodor whitewalkers

The revelation of his past- his mental illness combined with his heroic actions shocked and shattered us. Right from the beginning, he stood by Bran Stark and continued doing so till the end by sacrificing himself to the white walkers- Holds the door-Hodor!

Oberyn Martell

oberyn martell

The Dornish hunk. The one with the flamboyant attitude and could insult Lannisters at the drop of the hat. He did get his revenge ( maybe a teeny-tiny portion) by maligning every Lannister he came across! But – well….he ended up getting his skull crushed by the Mountain.

ViralBake Telegram

oberyn martell death scene

Not a nice way to go, eh! Oberyn was not only the fun character, but he managed to piss off the wrong characters at the wrong time and hence- his death. It might not be the case- but there was a possibility that if he hadn’t been poking Mountain all along the trial – he would still be ALIVE!!

Olenna Tyrell


Rightly called- the Queen of thorns, Olenna Tyrell was the perfect example of her sigil. Her sarcasm and stinging comments made clear that she wasn’t the one to be fooled easily. With the help of her quick-witted mind, she succeeded in removing a few thorns from her life – in the sassiest way. (*if you know what I mean*) Even though, she was never confronted with any accusations, she died the same way she killed Joffrey – with poison. We certainly lost a strong character and also mourn for her death.

However, moments before her death- she still was sharp as a razor and tore Jamie’s heart into million pieces when she said, “Tell Cersei, I want her to know it was me.”( hip-hop music plays) *thug life*

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Walder Frey

walder frey

Walder Frey deserved as much hate after he and his soldiers mercilessly slaughtered the Stark family members in the Red wedding. The way Arya Stark slit open his throat after feeding him the pie made of his own sons – deserved a standing ovation.

walder frey death

Everyone hated his personality and the way he treated his ‘n’ number of daughters. FYI- No one shed a tear on his death! (* whistles for Arya *)

Joffrey Baratheon


Yet another maniac in a pod! His young age did not stop him from commencing hideous actions and torturing people for fun. Everyone rejoiced the death of this prick. Even though the portrayal of his death was gross (with fluid coming out of his mouth-blood in the eyes- face purple…ewww !!)-he managed to make everyone sigh with relief that he is no more.

joffrey baratheon dying purple

With so many unreasonable deaths that happened because of this awful character, the only bad thing with his death was – who do we hate now? However, R.R. Martin was kind enough to supply us with fresh vicious serpents, we would hate in the following seasons.

Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger)


This wicked soul is the entire reason why kingdoms of Westeros got caught up in the worst chaos. With the help of a successful conspiracy, Petyr was successful in creating a holy freaking mess and getting several characters killed while doing so. He betrayed almost everyone- and for the same reason his death rejoiced our hearts.

The confusion and panic on his face in the room where he was killed, made fans cross cloud 99. No compassion whatsoever for this lying brute!

Ramsay Bolton

ramsay bolton

This sun of a gun has fans- and by fans, we mean – HATE Fans!! Right from the beginning, Ramsay portrayed his dark and inhuman ways of torture. Killing so many characters and being so brutal with the murders – Sansa won our hearts by feeding him to his own hounds in the end.

sansa stark evil smile

The satisfactory smile of Sansa Stark as she turns after leaving the hounds on Bolton- simultaneously appeared on every viewers face. And later everyone also called for a celebration of the delightful death of this Bastard. *wink*(A massive one- if you ask me!)

With the GOT saga taking its final strides, who knows which characters are going to be dead in the upcoming episodes. After all, it’s the king of twists- George R. R. Martin itself who pulls the strings of the characters. And you never know what’s gonna happen next!

BTW, Who do you secretly expect to see on the Throne!?


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